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Chef V Clinical Research Study: 21day detox + green drink lowers inflammation: C-reactive protein down 34.1%


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Pistachio Crusted Salmon


Peaches & Cream Smoothie

Vegan Moussaka

Chicken Pot Pie

Salmon Beurre Blanc

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Top 5 Ways to Use Green Drink

Top 5 Research-Backed Benefits of Green Drink

A Green Drink a Day can Support your Mood: Research Proves

Veronica Wheat's cookbook "Making Cleansing Easier"

Making Cleansing Easier Recipe Book

Veronica Wheat, is a Private Chef, Nutritional Therapist and the owner of Chef V, a thriving organic green drink and cleanse company with kitchens nationally. In Making Cleansing Easier, Veronica shows you how to make delicious and satisfying meals using nutrient-rich foods that are cleanse-approved and good for you.


bottles of Chef V organic green drink

Easiest, tastiest & most affordable way to boost your metabolism, lose weight, have younger looking skin, tons of energy, mental clarity and good vibes.


contents of Chef V organic cleanse

Yes! It’s possible to cleanse your body and reboot your digestive system without feeling famished. Cleansing has never been easier and tastier.


contents of Chef V organic detox

Feel like new again and lose up to 40 pounds the easy way! The Nation’s #1 21-day detox is super easy to follow and guaranteed to satisfy you.

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