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Chef V Life Before & After Success Stories

chefvlife success stories

Above, Chef V clients' before/after photos

Check out these Chef V experiences!

These customers have amazing before and after stories to tell about Chef V's  Green Drink and Cleanses. Many have lost weight and feel “amazing!”.

Chef V customers might start with a Chef V Cleanse, but they continue to drink it daily for its continuing health benefits. Plus, at only $7 a day, it is much more affordable than grocery store brands.

As you can see from these success stories, our customers are happy to tell their friends, family, and us their success stories.

Pashelle's Success

Pashelle success

Pashelle says: “Thank you so much. I work about 13-14 hours a day in the wardrobe department of a television show. It is so easy to eat junk food allday. Me and the driver of my wardrobe trailer committed to the 3 day cleanse and we feel amazing. Day 1 was the toughtest day Day 2, I saw the difference. And day 3 was an introduction to my New Self. Thank you Chef V.”

Makenzie's Story

Mackenzie success

“During my 21 day detox I lost 19 lbs! My BMI went from 24.0 to 16.9! I am super excited for when I do my next detox because I will be doing the expert challenge! LOVE LOVE LOVE Chef V.”

Michael's Dramatic Weight Loss


“I’ve reached my goal weight in June, losing a total of 245 plus pounds over the last 22 months. Chef V has helped in this as my morning drink since I started my Green Drink Plan from you. Thank you.”

“I’ve reached my goal weight in June, losing a total of 245 plus pounds over the last 22 months. Chef V has helped in this as my morning drink since I started my Green Drink Plan from you. Thank you.”

Rick's Story


“Wow!… have I been excited to write this review! (READ WITH CONFIDENCE) This is not the first time I have done a cleanse, so I have others to compare it to as well. In a nut shell: CHEF V ROCKS! That’s the simple version. The long version is that the 21 Day Detox is worth every penny, it is a challenge, and it is positively altering! From day 1 to day 21 of the challenge, I lost a total of 22lbs ….and I continue to lose weight. This cleanse has aftershocks. (BOOOOOOOM!) THANK YOU Chef V; for all the countless hours of study you have done to deliver a detox that gives noticeable results and restoration! Thank you, Chef V!”

Heartwarming Success Story: K.I. Lynn

Doing Great, K.I. is losing weight with Chef V

I hope you’ll take the time to read K.I. Lynn’s wonderful post about her successful and continuing weight loss – her will power and determination to live a healthy life is inspiring to me and I know it will be to you also. I am so proud of you,K.I.! – Veronica Wheat, Chef V

From bestselling author K. I. Lynn on Facebook:

LONG post ahead. I hope you’ll read.

I haven’t updated any of my weight loss because I wasn’t really seeing it, but today, I did. Plus, I hate people seeing me like this.

When I left my job it was not because my books had done so well I was going to write full time. In fact, I was just beginning to edit Breach. I left as just a pause, one that ended up being needed, because within a few weeks I hurt my knee and my beloved grandmother passed away. The next year, I released Breach and my hubs said “Ok, you don’t have to go back to work.” BTW, in that time I’d had to have surgery on the injured knee.

Between the surgery and writing full time something happened that I did not expect.

I gained weight.

It wasn’t a lot at first, but it did scare me when I passed the highest I’d ever been. Then I cried when I passed the number I said I never would.

Each year, I gained more weight. All the travel and stress and another surgery and needing something quick and easy started to add up, and in 4 short years, I’d put on around 100 lbs. That’s a lot of weight!!

I felt terrible about myself. I hated going to signings because I hated how I looked and felt. I didn’t FEEL good.

The biggest thing about weight loss that people don’t understand is that it’s not about WANTING to lose weight, it’s about having the MOTIVATION to lose weight. Wanting can lead to depression as you stare in the mirror, and you lose any desire to eat healthy.

Earlier this year I’d finally had enough. I didn’t have the motivation, but I was sick of it all. Olivia Kelley-Santos had told me about her green drink that she drank that made her feel good, so I went on and saw they had a 21 day detox and I said “That’s what I need. That’s the push.”

I needed to purge all the bad stuff from my body and start fresh. I already knew I want to do low carb. Low carb, not Keto. The box full of everything I needed came in mid-March, right in the middle of working on Welcome to the Cameo Hotel.

The detox did exactly what I needed it to do, and I lost about 20lbs in a few short week. It gave me my motivation, so when it was over, I continued on eating healthier.

I try and stick to a max of 40 net carbs a day. As many of you know, I am a cheese fanatic, and cheese is life and in about every meal. It’s what keeps me going and on a healthier way of living.

For weeks, I watched the scale go down, little by little. I saw a stall, but moved past it. I avoided temptation, and if I did fall, I had only a very small portion.

Then, in July, it happened – I hit my first milestone.

50lbs gone

Elena M. Reyes came to visit and there were some signings, but I managed not to gain any weight. For my birthday I splurged for almost a week eating anything I wanted, because for my birthday, that was all I wanted.

However, that splurge came with consequences. I had the taste for carbs and sugar again. I got back on my diet, but I found I was caving to cravings with little arm bending.

So here I am, doing a small 3 day cleanse with the green drink to get me back on track. I’m down 54lbs in total, and hope to be down quite a bit more by Wild and Windy.

I have goals, and one of them is to get this 100lbs off by the end of the year. I think I can do it. There are more goals after that, but for now, my eye is on the prize.

Just going to keep swimming. 🙂

Pashelle: Chef V Green Drink Success

Pashelle’s Success

Check out Pashelle and her Before and After photos above – she is a real inspiration to me.

Here’s what she says:

“Thank you so much.  I work about 13-14 hrs a day in the wardrobe department of a television show. It is so easy to eat junk all day.  Me and the driver (Tim Piro) of my wardrobe trailer committed to the 3 day cleanse and we feel amazing.  Day 1, was the toughest day.  Day 2,  I saw the difference in my everything. And Day 3, was an introduction to my New Self. We Thank you Chef V!”

What Fasting Does To Your Body

What Fasting Does To Your Body

Fasting is a practice that has ancient roots in many cultures. However, there’s a good reason that it’s stuck around so long. This blog will give you a complete look at where fasting comes from and what exactly it does to your body. We’ll also measure up traditional fasting against juice cleansing (like our famous 21 day juice cleanse) and give tips for things like using green juice during intermittent fasting.

Where is Fasting From?

To many people, fasting is just not eating food. However, fasting is a lot more complex than that. It can involve the giving up of any substance. Most often, this is concerning specific kinds of food or drink. Fasting can be for health reasons, but also religious reasons as well. What’s important to understand right off the bat is that fasting is deliberate and controlled – it’s not starvation.

Prehistoric times, fasting was often times the key to better health. This makes it impossible to put a hard date on when the practice started. One of the earliest records of fasting that we have record of is from the Hippocrates. Yep, that’s the father of medicine, he of the Hippocratic oath. He was also a big fan of fasting, as were other ancient Greek writers like Plutarch. The ancient Greeks, in general, believed that fasting was just as necessary as bed rest when it came to fighting and preventing illnesses.

However, fasting was also becoming a crucial part of many religions worldwide. Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism are just a few examples of religions that have fasting as part of their heritage and culture. This has helped fasting spread to plenty of countries around the globe.

These early recommendations for fasting were based mainly on, pardon the pun, gut feelings. People in older periods understood that fasting made them feel better but didn’t understand why.

In the 19th century, people started to get curious about the actual mechanisms of fasting. Scientists began to link specific dietary choices to particular illnesses, and the sciences of nutrition and dieting started to emerge. People also started to try some of the first nutritional fasts for themselves, experimenting with foods, drinks, and lengths of time.

By the 20th century, nutritionists had managed to hone in on what exactly fasting was doing to the body.

Fasting and You

Before we talk about what fasting does to the body, it’s important to understand that fasting refers to limited and controlled periods of reduced or no food or liquid consumption. There’s a big difference between controlled fasting and starving. It’s never a good idea to put your body into starvation mode. Specifically, starving refers to the point where your body starts to burn muscle mass for energy.

But what happens between being full and starvation? That’s where fasting comes in.

The main difference between your body in “fasting mode” and your body in “regular mode” is how your body handles its blood sugar. If you are using green juice during intermittent fasting or other fasting methods, your carbohydrate intake will be lower. If they’re available, your body will automatically use carbs to produce glucose, which is where you get your blood sugar from.

During a period of lower carb intake, like a 21 day cleanse, your body will switch from using carbohydrates to make glucose to using fat. This is why 21 day detoxes are so effective for weight loss. During fasting, you’re making the most efficient use of your body’s energy reserves.

Benefits of Fasting

Does it actually matter how your body creates glucose? Studies and signs point to a real benefit to practices like intermittent fasting and 21 day juice cleanses. Here are some of the changes that fasting can make in your body.

* Controls Blood Sugar Levels: Intermittent fasting is one of the most effective ways to get your blood sugar levels under control, as it helps regulate the production of glucose in your body. Not only can this cut the risk of conditions like diabetes, but it can also help you get control of sugar cravings.
* Decreases Inflammation: Intermittent fasting has been shown to help reduce inflammation in the body. This can help promote better health of the heart and lungs and potentially reduce your risk of cancer.
* Losing Weight: Remember how we mentioned that fasting switches your body onto using fat for glucose instead of carbs? If your body is consuming its fat reserves, that can help a ton with your weight loss goals
* Improves Your Brain Health: Intriguing studies suggest that fasting can help sharpen your brain and prevent diseases that might affect your neurological symptoms. This could be why many religions promoted fasting for clarity of thought and periods of contemplation.
* Help You Live Longer: The studies are still preliminary on this one, but fasting in animals has been shown to help prolong life and health. Fasting may be the key to aging gracefully.

Importance of Juice Cleanses

Simply giving up food is a type of fasting that walks a fragile line. On one side, you could potentially hurt yourself by denying your body nutrients. On the other hand, you’re going to get incredible cravings from this kind of deprivation. This can then lead to binge eating after the fast is over.

A 21 day juice cleanse is a way to get the weight loss and health benefits of fasting in a controlled and feasible manner. You get every nutrient your body needs, letting your fast in a safe and healthy manner. Using green juice during intermittent fasting is also a great way to regular your blood sugar levels, meaning you can save yourself from binge eating.

If you’re interested in our own famous 21 day detox, make sure to check out our package options here. Our 21 day cleanses come with not just delicious green drinks but detox smoothies and detox soups to give you the most achievable and most effective 21 day juice cleanse out there.

New Year – Same You but Better! Top 5 Myths About Doing a Detox

new year same you but better

You know it’s time for a new year – same you, but better!

Perhaps you haven’t been eating healthy but you are ready to make a positive change. Is your belly is chronically bloated? Does it take you a couple cups of coffee in the morning to wake up from the dead? And when the caffeine eventually wears off, your mental clarity and energy are foggy and sluggish, respectively. Your skin is bumpy and dull, and your sleep patterns are erratic. Let’s make the new year’s you the same you but better!

But some people are intimidated by detox diets. While the thought of coming out the other side of a metabolic reboot sounds appealing, you don’t want to be miserable doing it. “Detoxes” can mean different things to different people. Herbal supplements, colon cleanses, infrared saunas, digestive enzymes, and of course, juice cleanses. 

If you’re thinking about doing a detox, here are some common misconceptions. 

new year same you but better

Detox Myth #1: It’s Too Hard – Not True!

To some people, the phrase “detox” is synonymous with starvation. But a detox shouldn’t be deficient in nutrients, and it certainly shouldn’t be a lengthy, strict fast. While following an intermittent fasting schedule is great for your health (I do it, and so does Brandon, my husband.), not eating anything for over 24 hours could do you more harm than good. 

With my 21 Day Detox, you choose between one, two or three intervals of a 3 day cleanse. During the 3, 6 or 9 days, you’re on a calorie restricted diet. But you’re getting all the nutrients you need to detoxify vital organs and lose weight—without feeling deprived. 

On these cleanse days, you drink 4 servings of my Organic Green Drink (16 oz. per serving), a smooth-as-silk cold-blend of 7 certified organic green leafy veggies. You also get 2 packets of my vegan-friendly protein shake (about 20 grams of muscle-building protein per shake) and one Detox Soup for dinner. 

Essentially, these cleanse days are a liquid diet. But there’s enough protein and fiber to help your energy levels remain steady and prevent cravings.


Myth #2: You Can Only Have Juice Or Raw Kale – No, you can have delicious soups and protein shakes as well

Many people associate cleanse or detox diets with juice programs. If you ever come across a program that offers only juices, whether it’s a 3 day program or a longer one, then run. 

Here’s why: most juice programs, even if the drinks are low in sugar (unfortunately, most juice detoxes are very high in sugar), they are woefully deficient in protein and fiber. Pressed juices don’t contain the fiber from the fruit or veggie. And when you have no fiber, your blood sugar levels fluctuate. The result is nasty mood swings. You really need protein, fiber and even some healthy fat to keep you full and maintain your blood sugar at a steady level during your detox. 

(By the way, my Organic Green Drink contains only 6 grams of sugar per 16 oz serving, keeping your energy level rock-steady.) 

As for the non-cleanse days — either 18 days, 15 days or 12 days depending on how many 3 day cleanses you choose during the 21 Day Detox, you get to enjoy entrees like nachos, wild salmon, mac and cheese, and pesto lasagna, just to name a few. 

How can you mack on mac n’ cheese when you’re trying to detoxify your body? When you order my 21 Day Detox, you get access to my recipe book, “Making Healthier Easier,” a PDF download that teaches you how to make your favorite entrees healthy (I use nutritional yeast as a cheese substitute. 

I also provide you with an Eat This/Not That chart, and a Healthy Portions guide. When you’re eating dozens of delicious meals that you can take right from my book, and learn exactly what you should eat during a 21 Day Detox, 3 weeks goes by real quick.


Myth #3: You Can Only Drink Water And Detox Drinks – No! How about a Watermelon Slush?

While I do recommend eliminating caffeine during a 21 Day Detox (for all 21 days), that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy other drinks. 

On your non-cleanse days (again, it’s either 18, 15 or 12 days, depending on how many 3-day cleanse periods you want to do), you can use my recipe book to easily create craft “mocktails.” How does Watermelon Slush sound? It’s perfect for hot days when you need something sweet and refreshing. Or how about Creamy Green Smoothie, a delicious, filling blend of avocado, spinach, kale, dates, lemon, chia seeds and cinnamon … doesn’t exactly sound like torture, does it? 


Myth #4: You Can’t Have Any Sugar Or Dessert

Ideally, starting from right now and everyday for the rest of your life, you will eat a low-sugar diet. But there’s a misconception that when you’re doing a detox, you can’t have any sugar. Technically, that’s not true. All veggies, even green leafy ones, contain a tiny bit of natural sugar. 

Sure, you shouldn’t eat anything with added sugars while you’re doing a 21 Day Detox. But even on the non-cleanse days, you still get to feast on sweet-tasting things like berries and even a date or two. 

And the best part of my 21 Day Detox is that on non-cleanse days, you can have your cake and eat it, too. That’s right. In my cookbook, you’ll find recipes for Triple Layer Cheesecake, Acai, Chia Seed Pudding, Chocolate Avocado Mousse, and Vanilla ‘Milk’ Shake. 

Again, it doesn’t sound exactly like torture, does it? The reason you get to eat like a King while eliminating toxins is that you’ll be swapping out high-inflammatory ingredients such as dairy, for ingredients that aid in the body’s detoxification process, and cause no inflammatory reaction.

Omega 3 rich foods

Myth #5: It’s Expensive – No.

It’s true that some Detox programs cost thousands of dollars. But with my 21 Day Detox, you can easily lose 30 pounds or more, starting at only $249. That’s less than $12 a day. Not bad for the following:

  • 4 Organic Green Drinks, 2 Protein Shakes and 1 Detox Soup every day during your 3 Day Cleanse interval
  • My Recipe E-Book, Making Healthier Easier, which includes a healthy food pyramid (not the ridiculous one the federal government uses); a list of cleanse approved foods; detox drinks and smoothies; healthy breakfasts; tasty snacks and apps; super soups; sensational salads; easy entrees and sides; sweets and treats
  • Healthy Portions Chart and other handy printouts
  • Unlimited email and phone support

If you’ve been thinking about going on a detox diet but you’re confused, scared, and don’t know how to get started, you’ve come to the right place. 

I’ll hold your hand every step of the way. I promise you will transform your body and mind (maybe even your spirit) when the 21 days are over. I also promise you won’t feel like you’re starving or miserable. It will take some dedication on your part. You must be willing to do some healthy meal prep and cooking on your own. But my recipes are real easy to follow and don’t take long to make. 

And if you’ve never done a 3-day calorie-restricted liquid diet cleanse, it might seem a little challenging to go that long without any solid food. But with the protein shakes and detox soup dinner, you’ll do just fine and you’ll be buzzing with natural energy after the 3 day interval.

Get Started. Experience the Chef V Transformation

Think how quickly the last 3 weeks or even the last 3 years of your life has flown by. You can do this. It’s not nearly as hard as you think. After the 21 days, not only will your clothes feel much looser, you’ll smile at your new slimmer physique when you look in the mirror, your skin will feel smoother, your thinking will be sharper … and overall, you’re going to feel like you’re living your best life. 

What do you say? Ready to get started. 

Click here to buy 21 Day Detox.

Essential Winter Detox: 21 Days to better health

Veronica working from home

Happy winter! Cold, wet winter days call for warmer comfort foods. And comfort foods and cleansing go together with my Chef V cleanses.

My cleanses include delicious Carrot Ginger and Sweet Potato Curry soups, soothing and filling on a cold fall evening.  Doing an essential detox cleanse right now may protect you from colds and getting the flu in the next few months. Plus, doing a detox is like giving your organs a much-needed tune-up for the colder months ahead. 

Well that was fast. The holidays flew by, didn’t it?

The nights chilly now, and viruses thrive in cold weather. You’ll likely find yourself spending much more time indoors. When you’re sharing oxygen in a confined space, that’s when your body is more susceptible to catching colds and flu viruses.

The state of your immune system right now will be a major factor in determining if you’re going to have to call in sick for work.

You might feel totally healthy now. But if you ate a lot of holiday foodss over the season along with alcohol, ice cream and other inflammatory foods, your immune system might be weakened right now without you knowing it.

And if you don’t detox your system now, your immune system’s energy will be spent trying to get rid of the toxic load in your organs, instead of devoting all of its resources to fighting viruses.

Hey, maybe you’re one of the lucky ones and can spend an entire holiday feasting on foods with refined carbohydrates. Perhaps you’re a genetic freak who never gets sick despite a diet rich in foods with white flour, sugar, and saturated fats.

But if you’re not a member of the dietary one-percent I have some advice for you on boosting your immune system right now with an essential detox….

green line

“During my detox I lost 19 lbs! My BMI went from 24.0 to 16.9!
I am super excited for when I do my next detox because I will be
doing the expert challenge! LOVE LOVE LOVE Chef V.” – Mackenzie

Below, my Black Bean Soup, a recipe from my cookbook. A cleanse-friendly recipe created to accompany my cleanses and detoxes.

black bean soup

Ditch Sugar Addiction & Reset Your Metabolism In Just 21 Days

In addition to eating unhealthy food over the holidays, you might be more vulnerable to getting sick during cold/flu season is stress.

Recently, I wrote about staying healthy for the back to school season. But even if you don’t have kids the hectic holiday season makes many of us feel stressed out. And when stress strikes, lots of people cope by snacking on sugary treats and other unhealthy food.

If you can relate to having felt stressed out during the winter holidays or ate lots of unhealthy food this past summer, I suggest trying my 21 Day Detox.

My 21 Day Detox is 100% organic. Although you’ll very likely lose weight after doing a 21 Day Detox, my program is far more than just a weight loss solution. More than that, my 21 Day Detox will teach you how to adopt healthier eating habits. Not just for the 21 days but for weeks, months and even years after the detox is over.

How Does The 21 Day Essential Detox Work?

During the 21 Day Detox, you’ll have days when you follow my Cleanse protocol, which provides you with four servings of 16 oz Green Drinks, 2 Protein Shakes and a Detox Soup. Then, on other days, you’ll also have Green Drinks and Protein Shakes, plus my Healthy Routine, which allows you to choose your own lunch, snack and dinner from my Meal Planner. The Meal Planner contains delicious recipes, an approved foods list, a portion-size guide, and more helpful tips that will make completing a 21 Day Essential Detox a breeze.

Plus, when you order the 21 Day Detox, I email you a downloadable copy of my recipe book, Making Cleansing Easier.

A lot of people have no idea what to eat. But I take all the guess work out of meal planning. My recipes are filled with lots of low-starch veggies, healing herbs and spices and healthy, whole grains that don’t promote inflammation. I also include some fruit as part of my Healthy Eating routine (but not too much), as well as legumes, lean protein and moderate amounts of healthy oils such as olive oil.

Squashing Colds With … Squash, Soup And Other Awesome Autumn Veggies

Introducing winter squash, sweet potato, carrot, beets and other hearty antioxidant-rich veggies this time of year is a good strategy for boosting your immune system and aiding your body in the detox process.

And when you do my 21 Day Detox, you’ll get one of two delicious Detox soups for dinner: Carrot Ginger Zing and Sweet Potato Curry. The carrot ginger soup also contains yam, onion, garlic, turmeric, and sea salt with a base of filtered water.

As for the sweet potato curry, it’s loaded with leeks, onion, garlic, ginger, turmeric, and a gentle curry spice, flavored to taste with sea salt in a filtered water base.

Although the Detox Soups are relatively low in calories, they are very nutrient dense, so you won’t still be hungry and be tempted by empty carbs after having it for dinner.

Here’s what one Chef V customer, Mel H. of San Diego, has to say about the soup on Yelp:

The detox soup is DELICIOUS- I want to try the recipe on my own one of these days. After 3 days of cleansing I feel 100% better. I will absolutely do this cleanse again. Thanks Chef V. !

Mel didn’t jump into the 21 Day Detox. She dipped her toe in the shallow end by doing my shortest detox program, the 3 Day Cleanse. If the sound of a 21 Day Detox intimidates you, doing a 3 Day Cleanse (or 5 day or 7 day) is a good alternative.

Whether you choose the shorter cleanse or the 21 Day Detox, I’ll tell you exactly what foods to eat in the days leading up to the program and for the days that follow it after you successfully finish it.

So give your organs a tune-up now and get them in tip-top shape for the cold/flu season that’s right around the corner.

To your health,

Chef V

Veronica and Coco

You, Your Liver, and Chef V

Veronica working from home

Do you ever stop and think “where would I be without my liver?”. If you answered yes- well, you certainly have some weird thoughts! However, you also have a train of thought that is very relevant to this blog. Liver health is super important, but it often gets overlooked in favor of organs with better public relations, such as the heart, brain, and stomach. Understanding good liver health is key to good health overall. And good liver health can be improved through detox juice – as we’ll explain here.

What Does the Liver Do?

You’ve probably heard people joke about their livers when referring to their ability to take in alcohol. That’s actually pretty close to the mark on what livers do – but only the start. Did you know that scientists have identified over 500 vital functions that a liver performs? Some of the most important functions include:
* Regulating the breakdown of fats into useful forms
* Storing and managing excess glucose
* Regulating and producing proteins
* Storing iron for the blood
* Handling Blood clotting
* Removing bacteria from the bloodstream
* Filtering out toxins and drugs
* Processing waste out of the body

Quite a lot, huh? Basically, your liver is your body’s most powerful filter. However, far too many people take their liver for granted. Even the most powerful filter can get overwhelmed, clogged, or damaged. If you want your liver to take good care of you, you need to make sure you are taking good care of your liver.

How to Take Care Of Your Liver

Just like your liver has a ton of different functions, there are also a myriad of risks that it can face if you’re not careful. The following is just a brief list of the ways that you can make sure that you have a healthy, happy liver that is busy doing its job of flushing out toxins.

Eat a Balanced Diet: When it comes to good liver health, nothing is better than getting a variety of fruits and veggies. The green veggies (like you’ll find in our green drink) are particularly good at promoting good liver health.

Exercise: Getting enough exercise is good for pretty much every part of your body, including your liver. Exercising helps burn not just the fat on your body, but the fat in your blood as well, leading to a healthier liver.

Maintain a Healthy Weight: Maintaining levels of fat in the body is one of your liver’s key jobs. If you are over your healthy body weight, it can start to damage your liver. Exercise and healthy eating, mentioned above, are good ways to maintain a healthy weight, as are Chef V’s cleanse programs, like our 21 day detox.

Moderate Your Alcohol Intake: One of the things your liver is most famed for is helping your body process alcohol. It’s only good manners that you try not to overload the poor organ with too much of the stuff. Drinking more than one or two glasses of alcohol a day can start to have serious impacts on your organs.

Be Careful of Medication…: If you’ve looked closely, you’ve probably noticed that some medications come with warnings about liver damage if you take too much. Always do your best to heed these warnings. Your liver is what helps spread drugs throughout your body, both useful and harmful, and you don’t want to overload it.

…. and Supplements: Nutritional supplements seem like a great way to “cheat the system”. You get nutrition, but without having to bother trying to meal plan for it. However, getting your supplements in an inorganic way can often be dangerous for your liver, putting too much of certain vitamins and minerals through it. If you’re looking for a nutritional boost, it’s better to look into food products that pack a lot in – like our detox juices and green drinks, of course.

If you’re interested in giving your liver some extra love, why not look into our 21 day detox? You’ll flush those toxins out of your body, let your liver get ahead on its own toxin-filtering, and give it the nutrients it needs to be in fighting form.

Inflammation Fighters Your Doctor Won’t Tell You


When you hear the word, “inflammation” what comes to mind? You probably think it’s something bad. Well, I’m here to tell you inflammation is great! Wait … what? That’s right, you see, you need a little inflammation in your body.

The inflammation process helps get rid of nasty germs. It also heals injuries. Any time you burn your skin or have some other physical trauma, inflammation comes to the rescue. Your white blood cells, which kick in to fight infections are part of the inflammation process. So, you see, inflammation ain’t so bad….

When you’re healthy, inflammation does a delicate dance. It stays in control, out of sight and mind.

But if you party like a rock star, don’t exercise and eat like crap, here’s what happens….

Certain substances that are in the cells of your immune system and are involved in the inflammation process go crazy. That, of course, isn’t the official scientific explanation. But essentially what happens is, as with the case in autoimmune disease, the inflammation response becomes excessive.  And that’s where my two powerful inflammation fighters come into play: a 21 day Detox, and the use of CBD oil – and CBD oil is getting easier to find across the USA.

CBD oil by mouth

Symptoms of Inflammation

So how do you know if you have inflammation? And what can you do about it? Well, let’s answer the first question.

Beyond the obvious signs of inflammation such as swollen joints or red skin from an injury, here are some signs you may have excessive inflammation:

  • Constantly tired
  • Getting sick often
  • Gaining weight easily and having trouble losing it
  • Digestive issues
  • Skin breakouts
  • Trouble concentrating (brain fog)
  • Headaches

Can you relate to any of these issues? Let’s say you get headaches and acne breakouts from time to time. Sure, you could pop an over-the-counter pain-reliever and use an acne remedy. Problem solved, right? Well, for now, maybe. But putting a “band-aid” on inflammation (no pun intended) does not solve the root cause of inflammation.

But I’m about to share with you 2 things that will greatly reduce it and put your body back in balance….

Chef V 21 day detox contents

21 Day Detox

If you’ve legitimately eating healthy (by that I mean eating minimally-processed-at-most organic plant-based food 90% of the time), and you exercise, and don’t use harsh chemical cleaners at home yet you still have some signs of inflammation, I recommend seeing a functional medicine doctor.

But for most people, it is caused by lifestyle factors. Needless to say, diet is a big one.

And sometimes, it’s not just enough to say to people, “eat a healthy diet.”

Sometimes, you just need somebody to hold your hand.

That’s where I come in.

With a background as a certified nutritional therapist, I created the recipe for my Organic Green Drink. Since then, I’ve created recipes for a plant-based Protein Shake and Detox Soups. These 3 items form the core of my Cleanse and Detox programs.

Now, I’m not just trying to sell you on stuff I sell. My intention is to reset your body and provide you with the lifestyle education you need to keep eating healthy long after you’re done with my cleanse and detox program.

So if you’re ready to dramatically lower your body’s inflammation response, I suggest trying my 21 Day Detox.

The 21 Day Detox combines my 3 Day Cleanse and Healthy Eating recommendations. There’s 3 different plans to choose from: Starter, Classic, Obsessive. The Starter Detox features one 3-Day Cleanse. The Classic has two different stretches of doing the 3 Day Cleanse and the Obsessive has three. For each day during the 3 Day Cleanse phase, here’s what you’ll get in these powerful fighters:

  • Four 16-oz servings of Organic Green Drink
  • 2 packets of Chocolate Vegan Protein Shake
  • 1 container of Detox Soup (either Sweet Potato Curry or Ginger Carrot Zing)

For the rest of the time you’re doing the 21 day detox, you’ll get a 16oz Green Drink and Protein Shake each day. I recommend having those two for breakfast. Then, you have lunch and dinner. I provide you with a meal planner, as well as a Healthy Eating Guide, which includes a “Eat This, Not That” easy-to-follow chart, and a Healthy Portions chart.

We deliver the Green Drinks, Protein Shakes and Detox Soups right to your front door. And you’ll get my healthy eating advice emailed as soon as you order.

If you’re suffering from excessive inflammation, doing a 21 Day Detox could finally provide the relief you’re looking for.

And not only that, it will educate and inspire you to stick with healthy eating habits long after the 3 weeks are over.

Chef V 21 day detox

Chef V

Top Ways to Successfully Detox with Chef V

Thinking about doing a 21 day detox? With most detoxes, sticking with 21 days is a challenge. But we have some great tips for you to make sure you successfully and safely complete a 21 day detox.

Many 21 day detox programs set you up for failure even before they start. They don’t tell you what to eat before the cleanse. They don’t tell you what to eat after the cleanse. And they typically don’t include enough nutrients. When you go several days of feeling deprived, major temptation kicks in. It’s hard to stick to a 21 day cleanse when you have intense cravings. But the rewards can be amazing.

Let’s start with an inspirational story –  Mackenzie (photo above) says: “During my 21 day detox I lost 19 lbs! My BMI went from 24.0 to 16.9! I am super excited for when I do my next detox because I will be doing the expert challenge! LOVE LOVE LOVE Chef V.”

Do a 21 day detox with a friend

Friends help each other stay accountable. It’s much easier to do a 21 day detox if you’ve got a good friend to help keep you in check. Craving ice cream? Your friend can slap some sense into you. Not literally. That wouldn’t be nice of your friend to slap you. But a good friend will help you realize that instant gratifications are false friends. And likewise, you can return the favor. You can remind your friend why the two of you are embarking on this 21 day cleanse challenge. You and your friend can remind each other of the benefits of a 21 day detox, including:

  • Cleansing vital organs and ridding harmful toxins from the body
  • Burning fat more efficiently
  • Feeling more energetic
  • Thinking more clearly (no more brain fog!)
  • Sleeping better
  • Relieving stress
  • Improve digestion
  • Normalize blood sugar
  • Lower bad cholesterol levels

It’s the rare person who would want to take a 21 day camping trip alone. Most people prefer to take a trip with a partner or friend. Likewise, think of your 21 day detox as a journey. It’s always better to travel with a friend to share the experience. A long cleansing program can indeed be a life-changing journey. Many people have miraculously transformed their lives because of a 21 day cleanse. You can safely lose 1-2 pounds a day doing a detox. And you can feel great doing it, as long as you’re doing it the right way. Having a friend to hold your hand, either literally or figuratively, is one way to successfully make it through a 21 day detox.

detox with a friend

Pre-cleanse before your 21 day detox officially begins

It’s extremely important to eat the right foods before your detox starts. Even foods that you might not think are bad for you may make you feel lousy during the detox. But many detox programs don’t even bother to tell you what you should eat before the detox begins. And that’s a big problem. Negative detox symptoms are awful to experience. If you eat lots of junk food before your detox starts, you may experience some of these detox symptoms:

  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Skin breakouts
  • Indigestion
  • Insomnia

Can you see why it’s important to eat the right foods before your 21 day detox starts? In order to avoid these symptoms, here’s a partial list of what you should and shouldn’t eat:

Do Eat:

  • Fresh or frozen whole fruits and veggies
  • Unsweetened milk substitutes such as hemp, rice, almond, coconut
  • Coconut oil
  • Non gluten grains and starches (rices other than white rice, quinoa)
  • Lean, grass-fed or wild animal proteins in small amounts (salmon, organic chicken, grass-fed beef)
  • Legumes (beans)
  • Raw nuts and seeds (walnuts, macadamias, pumpkin seeds)
  • Healthy oils (extra virgin olive, flax, avocado)
  • Healthy drinks (Pure, unbottled water; green or herbal tea, organic green drinks, mineral water)
  • Zero- or low-glycemic sweeteners (Stevia, coconut nectar, yacon)

Don’t Eat:

  • Fruit juices, high-sugar fruits (bananas, strawberries, grapes, oranges)
  • Nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and eggplant)
  • Starchy grains (white rice, wheat, corn)
  • High-fat meats and factory-farmed animal protein
  • Processed soy (soy sauce, soybean oil)
  • Peanuts and peanut butter
  • Dairy of any kind, even if it’s organic!
  • Eggs
  • Butter and vegetable and seed cooking oils
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Soda
  • Conventional fruit juice
  • Refined and artificial sugar
  • Chocolate
  • Ketchup

Post Cleanse: Don’t fall back into bad habits

 Think the Don’t Eat category is too strict? Maybe you think some of the foods you shouldn’t eat before a 21 day cleanse are healthy? Grass-fed butter, organic eggs, tomatoes. So why can’t you eat those? To give your body the best chance to eliminate toxins, it’s best to take a break from these foods. But don’t worry. After the 21 day cleanse is over, you’ll be able to eat some of these foods again. Who knows, though … you might feel so great, you might not want to.

And after your 21 day detox is over, it’s also important to eat the right foods. In fact, for both at least a few days before and after your detox, stick with the eating guidelines above. Many people mistakenly think that just because they’ve done a 21 day detox, they can eat whatever they want after. But you’ll likely feel awful if you introduce unhealthy foods back into your diet. The same detox symptoms from above may rear their ugly head if you don’t continue to eat clean.

Eating processed grains and cookies and other unnatural foods will quickly backfire on you. You can indulge a little here and there a few days after your detox is over. Think you’ll really miss coffee during your detox? Go ahead and drink one cup after it’s over. You won’t undo all the great things you’ve done for your body. Craving cheese? Have a slice or small chunk (hopefully it’s organic or raw).

Bottom line: pay close attention to the foods you eat before and after your 21 day detox.

Don’t skip the protein!

Many fad detox programs don’t include enough protein. Some don’t include any protein at all. That’s great if you lose a lot of weight during a 21 day detox cleanse. But is it healthy weight loss? If you don’t eat enough protein, you are literally starving yourself. Your body could begin to lose muscle mass if you don’t consume adequate protein.

You don’t need to eat a whole T-bone steak to get your daily dose of protein. But you need a minimal amount of protein for your body to perform its basic functions. A safe, gentle cleanse can include a protein shake. A very easy-to-absorb protein powder is pea protein or brown rice. You can have two protein shakes each day during your detox. Pea protein and brown rice protein mix easily with healthy, unsweetened milk substitutes (see examples above).

Make it a fresh & organic 21 day detox

Healthy weight loss and detoxing your body largely depends on the quality of ingredients. If the fruits, veggies and protein you consume is full of chemicals and pesticides, you won’t succeed in detoxing. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a short 3 day-cleanse, or a 21 day cleanse. Your detox program needs to consist entirely of fresh and organic ingredients. When a vegetable is plucked or harvested from the ground, it quickly loses its nutritional value within days. To solve this problem, we’ve created a safe, gentle 21 day detox program. We deliver fresh, organic green drinks to your door. The veggies are only pulled from the ground a day before you order.

Our 21 day detox delivery program also includes protein shakes and detox soups.

Your chances of successfully sticking with a 21 day detox not only depends on the quality of the ingredients, but the taste and satisfaction. We make it super easy for you and very enjoyable. Learn more about our 21 day detox here.

@JaeBird’s 21 Day Detox

creamy broccoli soup

And so it starts… my @chefvlife 21 Day Detox! Feeling good. Feeling confident. Grateful for Tom as he's been preparing @whole30 meals for us all week long, which I believe to have been a great way to transition into this detox. We both definitely have big goals for ourselves this year in regards to our health and I'm looking forward to crushing them. – @zyiajaebirdenterprise, Santa Clarita California

Rick’s 21 Day Cleanse Journey – 51 pounds down so far!

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I’ve seen some truly amazing and inspiring success stories over the years.

Rick M. recently took the Chef V 21 Day Challenge and lost 22 pounds! He’s continued to lose weight and gain momentum since then was down a total of 51 pounds when we heard from him last.

Here’s a snippet of his awesome review posted to our Yelp page:

“I noticed that there is a lack of 21 Day Cleanse reviews, compared to 3 day, 5 day, and 7 day reviews. So I feel obliged to share my experience.

This is not the first time I have done a cleanse, so I have others to compare it to as well. In a nut shell: CHEF V ROCKS! Thats the simple version. The long version is that the 21 Day Cleanse is worth every penny, it is a challenge, and it is positively altering!

So far, I am down a whopping total of 51 LBS, due in part to Chef V’s 21 Day Cleanse! From day 1 to day 21 of the challenge, I lost a total of 22lbs….and I continue to lose weight. This cleanse has aftershocks.

Check out these results!! Way to go Rick!

[/fusion_text][fusion_code]Jmx0O2RpdiBzdHlsZT0mcXVvdDtwYWRkaW5nOjE1cHg7IGNvbG9yOiNmZmZmZmY7JnF1b3Q7Jmd0Oy4mbHQ7L2RpdiZndDs=[/fusion_code][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container][fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=”no” equal_height_columns=”no” menu_anchor=”” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=”” id=”” background_color=”” background_image=”” background_position=”center center” background_repeat=”no-repeat” fade=”no” background_parallax=”none” parallax_speed=”0.3″ video_mp4=”” video_webm=”” video_ogv=”” video_url=”” video_aspect_ratio=”16:9″ video_loop=”yes” video_mute=”yes” overlay_color=”” video_preview_image=”” border_size=”” border_color=”” border_style=”solid” padding_top=”” padding_bottom=”” padding_left=”” padding_right=””][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type=”1_1″ layout=”1_1″ background_position=”left top” background_color=”” border_size=”” border_color=”” border_style=”solid” border_position=”all” spacing=”yes” background_image=”” background_repeat=”no-repeat” padding_top=”” padding_right=”” padding_bottom=”” padding_left=”” margin_top=”0px” margin_bottom=”0px” class=”” id=”” animation_type=”” animation_speed=”0.3″ animation_direction=”left” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” center_content=”no” last=”no” min_height=”” hover_type=”none” link=””][fusion_imageframe image_id=”12756″ max_width=”” style_type=”none” stylecolor=”” hover_type=”none” bordersize=”” bordercolor=”” borderradius=”” align=”center” lightbox=”no” gallery_id=”” lightbox_image=”” alt=”Chef V Cleanse success ” link=”https://chefv.com/cleanses/” linktarget=”_self” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=”” id=”” animation_type=”” animation_direction=”left” animation_speed=”0.3″ animation_offset=””]https://chefvblog.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/2018/07/chefv-cleanse-veronica-urban-750pA-copy.jpg[/fusion_imageframe][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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