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9 Tips To Prepare For A Blended Juice Cleanse

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A blended juice cleanse can be a life-changing program—but it does require a degree of preparation. Here are 9 tips to properly prepare for your next blended juice cleanse.

#1 Plan your cleanse period

First things first, you should decide when you’re actually going to cleanse.

During your cleanse you may experience fatigue, headaches, nausea, and in some instances, flu-like symptoms. Cleansing during down time—for example, on a weekend—is highly recommended.

Once you’ve decided on the dates, mark your calendar and stick to the plan.

#2 Consider your pre-cleanse period

To mitigate detox symptoms, we highly recommend doing a two-day pre-cleanse. This pre-cleanse period will help mitigate unwanted-albeit-normal detox symptoms such as bad breath and dizziness.

When considering your cleanse period, try to factor in the pre-cleanse as well.

#3 Eat healthily

An important part of your pre-cleanse is eating healthy. In other words, plan to eat only whole, natural foods that are low in saturated and trans fats, sugar, sodium, caffeine, and carbs for two days leading up to your cleanse. For a complete food guide, see our Cleanse Directions.

The pre-cleanse is especially important for individuals who consume excess coffee, sugar, sodium, fat, and/or processed foods. In fact, these individuals may want to do a pre-cleanse for up to five days in advance.

#4 Chug water

There are so many reasons to stay well hydrated. But in regards to cleansing specifically, drinking plenty of water will help you maintain focus, minimize headaches, maintain energy, prevent cravings, and even help you feel satiated without solid food.

#5 Sleep…A lot.

Another tip to successfully complete a blended juice cleanse is to get plenty of rest before, during, and after your cleanse.

Due to the nature of cleansing and its effect on our body’s primary fuel sources, sleep becomes exponentially more important. Consider aiming for 9+ hours of sleep before and during the cleanse. Bonne nuit!

#6 Stay active

You shouldn’t wear yourself out at the gym before cleansing. But that doesn’t mean you should transition to professional couch potato either.

If possible, participate in low-intensity workouts like yoga or brisk walking to keep your blood pumping, your joints moving, and your mind out of the fridge.

#7 Cut the caffeine…

One of the most common pain points cleansers report are caffeine crashes.

If you’re a heavy coffee, tea, or soda drinker, try easing off of any of these beverages in advance of your cleanse.

For example, try to only drink two cups of coffee per day two weeks out, one cup of coffee per day one week out, and drinking zero cups during your pre-cleanse.

#8 … and other bad stuff (™)

Beyond coffee and caffeinated beverages, it’s also a good idea to ease off of alcohol and cigarettes. The less toxins you consume in advance of your cleanse, the easier the cleanse will be.

#9 Relax!

No need to mess up your mental or physical state by stressing the details. As long as you make sure to follow your Chef V Juice Cleanse instructions, you’re certain to have a great experience.

Happy cleansing!

10 Tips For Making Healthy Detox Soups

A bowl of healthy soup.

When you’re looking to cleanse, lose weight, and keep up a nutritional diet all at once, soup can be a lifesaver. And with colder weather coming, it can be a delicious way to warm up as well.

Here are our top tips on making the most nutritional detox soups at home, as well as making soups suitable for weight loss.

#1 Veggies, Veggies, Veggies

This tip should be no surprise to anyone. Vegetable-based soups are always going to be the healthiest. They’re also excellent for weight loss since they’re naturally low in fat content and high in nutrition.

#2 Use All of the Vegetable

Did you know that the stalks of vegetables like leeks hold amazing nutritional value? Too often we just take all that extra nutrition and throw it right in the trash. Do some research on the ingredients you are using to see how much of it you can include to maximize nutrition and minimize food waste.

#3 Avoid the Fat

If you’re making your own detox soup recipes at home, make sure to avoid stocks and bases that are fat-heavy. This means no cream bases or additions either – you’ll sabotage your entire weight loss plan right then and there.

#4 Embrace Superfoods…

Of course, not all veggies are created equal. For detox soup recipes, you want as much bang for your buck as possible. Aim to include plenty of “superfoods” – vegetables and fruits bursting with vitamins, minerals, and other healthy nutrients like antibacterials. For example, we base one of our Chef V Detox soup recipes around sweet potatoes, which pack a mean nutritious punch.

#5 … and Super Spices

It’s not just the main ingredients that need to be maximized. Additional flavors like garlicginger and turmeric add flavor and contribute to the soup’s nutritional value.

A bowl of vegetable soup.

#6 Cut the sodium

The dangers of too much sodium are well documented, and you should take this into account when plotting out a detox soup diet plan. Use reduced sodium stocks and try to avoid adding too much table salt.

#7 Boost the fiber

While you should cut sodium, you should add in extra fiber. You can increase fiber in soup by blending in hardy vegetables and fruits like sweet potatoes. This serves two purposes. First, the fiber will help with your digestion and the detox process as a whole. Second, fiber will help you feel satiated and minimize pesky cravings.

#8 Go for organic

Detox soup recipes for weight loss are designed to help you, well, lose weight. But a good detox soup diet should also be helping you flush out toxins as well. Why sabotage this by putting more processed junk back into your system?

#9 Puree 

Pureed soups minimize the strain on your digestive system. Keep your soups silky smooth to ensure proper digestion.

#10 Make it delicious! 

Detox soups should be delicious, plain and simple. Use high-quality, organic fruits and vegetables as the base of your soups. Then build out the flavor profile with nutritional aromatics and spices like onions, garlic, ginger, and turmeric. You stand the best chance of succeeding in your cleanse if you actually enjoy the food you're eating slurping.

Don’t want to make your own detox soups?

If you’re short on time or hate the cleanup involved in cooking, why not try our pre-planned detoxes and cleanses. We’ll ship you the exact juices, shakes, and soups you need for a healthy and revitalizing cleanse. All of our products are made from fresh, organic ingredients and have been praised for their great flavors. Get in touch today to learn more!

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