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Version 2- Clinically Proven Success

Your Decision To Do the Chef V Challenge
Is Now Supported By Clinical Research!

The Clinical Trial data speaks for itself. Following a Chef V 21 DAY DETOX with a daily ORGANIC GREEN DRINK subscription isn’t a quick weight loss fix. It’s a lifelong health transformation.

And the best part is that after the 21 DAY DETOX, you can indulge in some of your favorite not-so-healthy treats from time to time.

Want to experience a safe, effective, and enjoyable health transformation? Learn more about the CLINICAL RESEARCH RESULTS.

Start Your Clinical Challenge with the 21 Day Detox

Chef V Test Results On Day 28

“Overall, participants saw a statistically significant improvement in total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, cholesterol/LDL cholesterol ratio, and HbA1C. These findings suggest that the Chef V protocol brings about positive changes in each of these biomarkers in just a 28-day period.

“The Chef V program led to many statistically significant improvements in biomarkers critical for overall health and well-being,” Citrus Labs researchers concluded.

Start Your Clinical Challenge with the 21 Day Detox

You Can Get the Same Positive Results!

1. Start with the chef V 21 Day Challenge – This organic detox cleanse makes it easy to detox your body and lose weight with complete step-by-step instructions and support.

2. Sustain your gains with a daily organic green drink made with 7 organic Super Greens to help you detox your liver, fight inflammation, reduce cholesterol and much more!

Sustain Your Gains with a Daily Green Drink Subscription