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Why Chef V?

It's Easy!
Delicious, life-changing green drinks, protein shakes and detox soups made daily and delivered to your front door fresh.
Results That Last!
Time-tested products that have helped thousands lose weight, detox vital organs, revitalize skin/hair and increase energy.
Medical experts recommend Chef V's low sugar, nutrient-dense products over the competition that's loaded with sugar/preservatives & pasteurized.
Expertly Crafted!
Proprietary recipes curated by Veronica, a Private Chef and Nutritional Therapist. Email & phone support (6am - 5pm PT, Mon-Fri).


Our Famous Green Drink is made with 7 Certified Organic leafy greens and delivered to your door fresh weekly. Our customers tell us Chef V’s Green Drink Plan is the best way to:

  • Lose weight—and keep it off
  • Gain energy
  • Improve digestion
  • Think more clearly
  • Reduce cravings for sugar & junk
  • Improve skin, hair and nails

I lost 20 lbs without thinking about it

“Every morning I wake up, I have my Chef V drink in the morning, it is absolutely awesome. I’d say in the last 4 weeks or so without even thinking about it (and I already eat a healthy diet) I’ve probably took off 20lbs…"

– John Allen Mollenhauer


Our Organic Cleanse, created by Chef V (a certified  nutritional therapist) and doctor-approved, is the most satisfying detox program on the market. Our customers tell us that the 4 Green Drinks, 2 Protein Shakes and 1 Detox Soup each day, makes it easy to:

  • Lose Up To 20 Pounds In 5 Days
  • Kickstart Your Health Goals
  • Eliminate Toxins & Increase Metabolism
  • Reduce Cravings For Sugar & Junk Food
  • Look & Feel Your Best For Special Events 

"I completed Chef V’s 5 day cleanse and lost 10lbs. I feel amazing!"

– Dr. Brynn Jornocian


Chef V’s 21 Day Detox is the most effective organic weight loss and lifestyle transformation program, thanks to Organic Green Drinks, Protein Shakes, Detox Soups, Chef V’s Recipe Book & Healthy Eating Resources. Our customers tell us it’s super easy and helps to:

  • Safely lose up to 40 pounds
  • Detox vital organs
  • Increase energy & libido
  • Boost mental focus
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Learn healthy habits for lifelong success

Reduced BMI by over 7 points!

“During my 21 day detox I lost 19 lbs! My BMI went from 24.0 to 16.9! I am super excited for when I do my next detox because I will be doing the expert challenge! LOVE LOVE LOVE Chef V."

– Mackenzie

What Doctors are saying about Chef V

As a physician, I'm taking care of patients who are pretty ill. I do a lot of care with people with complex illnesses and one of their biggest challenges is trying to get enough nutrients and the right kind of nutrients. So I feel like I'm doing them a great favor by introducing them to Chef V's Green Drink. It's so easy, It's so convenient, and no shopping. It comes straight to your door.

Dr. Bob Uslander

Chef V's cleanse allows the body to flush out all the toxins, all the waste built up over time, while simultaneously replenishing the body with nutrients in really needs to heal and function and to live a healthier life.

Dr. Fatimah

Making Cleansing Easier is an essential examination of what our bodies have evolved to use as nutrition in order to function optimally. It offers a powerful message for achieving wellness based on a foundation of clean, locally sourced, nutrient-packed foods. Veronica’s re-imagined organic food pyramid is fresh and bold, just like her recipes. Making Cleansing Easier is a must-read, must-use book and it’s doctor-approved.

Dr. Mattie Sanders

Our Passion

“Healthy" doesn’t have to be gross, difficult or even uncomfortable.

At Chef V, everything we do, we believe in making healthier easier.

Our products are delicious, great for you and easy to fit into your daily routine.

Making Cleansing Easier Recipe Book

Veronica Wheat, is a nutritional therapist, chef and the owner of Chef V, a thriving organic green drink and cleanse company with kitchens nationally. In Making Cleansing Easier, Veronica shows you how to make delicious and satisfying meals using nutrient-rich foods that are cleanse-approved and good for you.


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