Tips For Your 21 Day Cleanse

Light exercise is the best idea during a 21 day cleanse

Alright, ladies and gents. This is the big one. The 21 Day Cleanse. You’re a real legend for taking this one on - so we’re going to do our best to help you out as best as we can. A 21 Day Detox might seem like a huge undertaking, but it doesn’t need to be intimidating - especially if you are using the V Cleanse program. No matter if you are doing a juice cleanse in San Diego or juice cleanse in New York, Chef V can make this an obtainable goal.

Why Go for a 21 Day Cleanse?

For some, a 3 or 5-day juice cleanse seems like a hassle all on its own. To maintain a 21-day cleanse seems even crazier. However, it’s important to actually put this in perspective. A 21 day detox doesn’t necessarily mean only having green drink for sustenance for nearly a month.

For example, our 21 Day Cleanses come in a variety of “schedule options”, that let you mix together days of healthy eating with periods of 3 day juice cleanses. This makes it a totally manageable endeavor - especially if you go for the Chef V Cleanse, which provides the protein and fiber you need with detox soups and detox smoothies.

And the benefits of a 21 day cleanse go beyond just losing weight. At three weeks, a 21-day detox is a full reset on your diet. This makes it perfect for resetting your metabolism, helping improve your digestive system, and cutting those sugar cravings. So not only will you lose weight (and get beautiful-looking skin and lips), but you’ll be in a better place going forwards to maintaining healthy eating.

Start Strong

The key to a successful 21 day cleanse is to start it off strong. This is why any 21 day detox you undertake, including the Chef V cleanse, is going to start with a pre-cleanse. Your specific 21 day cleanse will have its own specific pre-cleanse instructions. Generally, during the pre-cleanse, you make some adjustments to your diet - not as extreme as during the 21 day detox itself, but enough to “warm up” to it.

While you might look at a 21 day detox and think that the last stretch will be the hardest, it’s often in the first few days that people start to doubt if they can make it, as their body starts to detox from all that sugar. If you can arrange to have these days fall during a vacation or a long weekend, you can take the time to ride out your detoxing in comfort. Another great tip is to try to plan your detox at the same time as a close friend or family member - that way you can can give each other the encouragement to keep going to achieve success.

Stay Positive, Active, and Safe

After a while, you should get into the swing of your juice cleanse. One of the most common questions about juice cleanses is if you can, and should exercise while partaking in a cleanse (of any length). Generally, you want to aim for some light exercise - don’t go all out during a juice cleanse, but try and stay active.

Perhaps the best possible advice we can give is this - just relax! After a few days of a juice cleanse you’ll start to feel great, so go ahead and enjoy that feeling. Most importantly, if anything does feel weird, make sure that you reach out for guidance. This is one of the things that makes Chef V different - we’ll be in contact and with you every step of your 21 day cleanse journey. Don’t ever hesitate to contact us!