Which Chef V Cleanse is Right For You?

Picking out which blended juice cleanse to fit into your calendar can be tricky.

At Chef V, we want to make sure that everyone is getting the right product for their weight loss and detox goals. We also don’t want you to have to do all the hard work of trying to figure out how much green drink you need to meet those goals.

This is why we offer a wide variety of products, from Green Drink Plans, 3 Day Cleanses, or our impressive 21 Day Detox. We’re proud of all of the products, cleanses, and plans that we produce here at Chef V. However, for a newbie, it can be sometimes difficult to understand the differences between all these types of products. For those who are new around here, here is a quick introductory guide to what you know about cleanses - from a 3, 7 to 21 day juice cleanse.

The Basics

What you need to understand first is that every Chef V product you can purchase is actually a package of products. Most famous is, of course, our iconic green drink. This green drink is filled with all the healthiest and organic greens you need to detox your body and promote weight loss.

What makes Chef V special is that we understand how a blended green juice cleanse focused solely on greens may be difficult for some people to finish. Green drinks are incredibly healthy but tend to be a bit lower in protein and fiber. These are factors you need to keep energetic during a cleanse, and not succumb to your hunger cravings.

This is why Chef V blended juice cleanses come with not just green drinks, but also a collection of delicious and healthy soups (to give you fiber) and smoothies (to get you your protein). This means that not only is the Chef V blended juice cleanse a great way to lose weight and detox, but is an actually achievable cleanse.

So now that you know the pieces, here are the ways that you can enjoy them.

The Cleanses

One of the best places to get started with Chef V are our short-term cleanses. These are the easiest cleanses to commit to short term. Firstly, you pick how many days you want your short cleanse to go for: a 1 day cleanse, 3 day cleanse, or 5 day cleanse. This can include the soups, green drinks, and cleanse smoothies you need to go through a cleanse for that many days.

Each day of a cleanse features 4 green drinks, 2 protein shakes a 1 detox soup (with fresh ginger, no less!) It’s important to note that when you purchase a cleanse, to follow the pre-cleanse instructions for the 2 days prior to the cleanse. If you’re new to cleanses, a 1 or 3 day cleanse is a perfect way to give it a spin and get used to following these pre-cleanse instructions.

21 Day Detox

Let’s say that you’ve gotten and loved our short-term juice cleanses and want more of those great leafy greens in your diet. Or maybe you’re ready to start pumping up your weight loss goals for the new year. In this case, you’ll want to bring out the big guns - the famous 21 Day Detox.

In other detox programs, trying to go for nearly a whole month on a blended juice cleanse would be nearly impossible - basically putting yourself on a liquid diet. However, with the Chef V Blended Juice Cleanse, you can still get all the minerals and nutrients you need, as well as keep your immune system healthy for the entire cleanse.

If you are going for a 21 Day Cleanse, you may see references to different “schedules”. No need to be alarmed - this doesn’t involve any complex time blocking by you. It simply means that you can get different “intensities” of a 21-Day Cleanse. Chef V isn’t just going to throw you out into the juice cleanses wilds and tell you to hope for the best! We want to make blended juice cleanses that people can actually complete, that work with realistic eating habits, and that give you reasonable energy levels.

For example, our 21 Day Detox Starter Schedule includes 21 days of a healthy routine, with an intense 3 Day Cleanse placed in the middle, letting you work up to, and cool off from, the cleanse. The Classic Schedules features two juice cleanses across the 21 days, and the 21 Day Detox Obsessive schedule backs in three blended juice cleanse. This lets you choose just how hard you want to go.

Green Drink Plans

Whether you’ve taken a Chef V juice cleanse before, or have just taken a sip of our green drink, there are plenty of people out there who can’t get enough of our green juice recipe. With leafy greens, apple juice, other great stuff - and no processed foods - it’s no wonder more people wish they could put our Chef V Green Drink on their shopping lists. For those who want to get the health benefits of the fruits and veggies in our green drink every day, we’ve developed our Green Drink Plans.

Basically, this is a way to get Chef V Green Drink delivered right to you, so you can enjoy it any day that you want. The best part about the green drink plans are their flexibility. You can choose different flavors of green drink, the size of the bottles, how often they are delivered - you can even get multiple orders to make sure that everyone in your home can enjoy these delicious beverages.

So there you have it - that’s everything that Chef V has to offer. As we mentioned before, if you really don’t know where to start, we’d recommend beginning with a 1 or 3 Day Cleanse. This is a great way to get a taste of all the products that have been cooked up in the Chef V kitchen. Just give our delivery map a look, then order today!