Too Good to Be True - But it Is! - Detox Shake Recipes for Weight Loss

The Chef V Vanilla Shake.
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Chef V’s cleanses and detoxes aren’t just blended green juice—they also incorporate our nutritious (and extraordinarily delicious) vanilla and chocolate shakes.

Shaking Up Your Cleanse

Many prospective cleansers may assume shakes defeat the purpose of the blended juice cleanse, which is all about the juice… right? Wrong. Detox diet shake recipes can help boost the overall effectiveness of a cleanse, and play a key role in Chef V’s own cleanse program.

One of the most common side effects of any juice cleanse is a lack of energy or fatigue. This is normal as your body adjusts to fewer macronutrients and carbohydrates. However, it’s not ideal, especially on longer cleanses where you’ll still need to run errands, drop off the kids at school, and/or blast through your to-do list at work.

Enter the protein detox shakes and smoothies.

Good detox diet shake recipes will include significant protein. Protein is one of the three macronutrients are body uses as its primary fuel source. By drinking protein shakes during your cleanse, you’ll avoid fatigue and feel fueled for an entire day’s work.

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What’s Shaking?

The base ingredient in both of our delicious shakes is organic pea protein powder—a natural and organic ingredient, noted for its health benefits.

Beyond being an excellent energy and protein source, pea proteins contain essential amino acids, which help your body repair and rejuvenate during your cleanse.

In terms of flavor, we only use the highest quality natural ingredients available. This includes organic luo han guo extract to sweeten them. It also means organic cacao powder in our chocolate shake and bourbon vanilla in our vanilla shake.

Getting the Most out of Your Chef V Shakes

In any Chef V cleansing package, you’ll receive ingredient packets and instructions to easily blend up our delicious shakes at home. During a “healthy routine period”, you can enjoy one of these shakes on any given day. During the actual cleanses, you’ll want to bump it up to two shakes a day to ensure you have the necessary energy to conquer your day.

Learn more about our cleanse and detox plan options today.