Healthy Smoothies for Green Drinkers

Healthy Smoothies for Green Drinkers
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Have you tried to makes smoothies and failed miserably? Making smoothies is easy and you can literally mix and match hundreds of ingredients and always get the perfect drink. I have developed a simple, easy to follow chart: use it to mix and match your favorite fruits and vegetables every day. You will give your taste buds a fun time and your body a healthy energy boost.

The How To

You always want to start off with a good healthy liquid base. This will help the smoothie blend well and be easy to drink. I like Coconut Water, Homemade almond milk, or just water. Then I like to add two heaping cups of greens. My favorites are kale, chard, and spinach. I add a little fruit just to sweeten it slightly. About a half a cup will do but don't add too much sugar. If you want some extra flavor or a detox boost, try ginger, lemon, or parsley. I usually add some sort of protein like hemp or pea. Blend with ice on high for 1-2 minutes or until smooth.

Smoothie guide