When to Put the Brakes on Juice Cleansing

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When To Put The Brakes On Juice Cleansing

When it comes to any kind of undertaking for exercise or diet, safety always comes first. A blended juice cleanse is a great way to help with weight loss, improve the digestive system and remove toxins from the body. However, very few things come for free. A juice cleanse is a challenge, but one with amazing health benefits and payoff. Like any detox diet, they may not be appropriate for every person, at any time.

This piece will help give advice on when is the best time to perform a juice cleanse, who should and shouldn’t do juice cleanses, and what are the signs that you should take a break or slow down. When people ask “is juice cleansing bad”, the question they should be asking is - is it right for me?

When is the Best Time for a Juice Cleanse?

During a blended juice cleanse, you really want to be in a headspace where you can be focusing entirely on the juice cleanse. You also want to make sure that you start your juice cleanse at a time when you aren’t going to be doing a lot of physical activity since you will be consuming a lower calorie intake. If you have a job that involves a lot of moving around, it’s best to plan your juice cleanse for a weekend or vacation time.

It’s also not the best idea to do a juice cleanse if you are feeling ill. The juice cleanse may make you feel better, but you might also be depriving your body of the resources it needs to battle whatever bug you have.

Should I Do a Juice Cleanse?

Most importantly, if your doctor recommends that you don’t do juice cleanses due to some sort of underlying medical condition - then don’t do a juice cleanse. Your long-term health always comes first, and your doctor is probably the one best equipped to make calls on that front.

Children generally shouldn’t be doing intense detox programs either. As a child, getting enough solid foods is important. Of course, children should be drinking juice and getting plenty of fruits and veggies. By getting them a taste for healthy eating at a younger age you can prepare them to enjoy fruit and vegetable juices at an older age.

By the same token, the elderly should be cautious around trying out intensive juice fasts. If your doctor says you’re up for it, go right ahead, but watch carefully for potential side effects. Most importantly, it’s key that anyone who is pregnant not try cleansing with juice. This is something that all health professionals will agree on. If you are pregnant, wait until after childbirth and for your doctor to give you the “okay” before you consider getting back on the cleansing wagon.

How Do I Know When to Take a Break?

If you aren’t feeling well during a detox session, listen to your body and consider taking a break. Your body is pretty good at telling you when something isn’t going well. If you feel ill or are in pain, it’s time to slow down your detoxing. While cleansing, it’s important to try and relax. Make sure that you stick to only low-intensity exercises and to not push yourself too hard. Think yoga, not lifting weights.

One of the best ways to make it through cleansing is practice - try starting off small. If you’re cleansing with Chef V, you get the option of 1 Day and 3 Day Cleanses to get you used to the world of detoxing. As long as you’re cleansing at your level of expertise, you’re sure to have a great time!