How Pets Boost Your Mood and Health

Hanging out with animals can be as good for you as green drink.

There are so many human enthusiasts of our Chef V green drink that we sometimes forget all our four-legged fans. However, animals love our green drink, proving that pets can be just as intelligent as their owners. While you’re giving your pet some of your delicious green juice delivery, did you ever realize that they’re giving you just as much of a health benefit? Pets are one of the best secrets to a healthy life. We’ll explain here.

Pets and Physical Health

You might figure that pets are good for you since they’re fun to have around. And being able to relax and have fun is always good for you, right? But did you know pets have physical benefits as well?

Firstly, pets like dogs will require that you get out and walk them every once in a while. This means that just by owning a dog, you’re automatically getting more exercise than you usually would. (Low impact exercise like dog walking, by the way, pairs great with a 3 day juice cleanse!)

Owning pets also has been linked with a reduction in allergies, particularly if you start interacting with pets at a young age. Humans are animals, after all, and living too sterile a life can leave us unprepared for the more infectious parts of nature. Having plants and animals around helps us keep our immune system ready to roll at any time.

And if you have a health condition, having pets around is excellent insurance. Some pets can smell the effects of things like diabetes. There are even trained diabetic alert dogs and seizure alert dogs that can help save lives. When they said dogs were man’s best friend, they weren’t joking.

Pets and Mental Health

The idea that pets benefit your mental health is a no-brainer. Everyone wants to be loved, and pets give love unconditionally. Staving off loneliness is worth getting a pet on its own, helping you battle conditions like acute anxiety or depression. (Pet’s are also a great excuse to get out and meet with other pet owners, strengthening your social circles). Some of the different ways pets improve your mental wellness might surprise you.

For example, did you know that owning pets can reduce your blood pressure? Petting animals seems to reduce a hormone that helps regulate stress levels in humans.

The happiness that pets bring can also cause your body to release more endorphins. These hormones are some of the most potent pain relievers humans can naturally produce. This means that having pets around is a way to combat chronic pain.

Pet’s Love Chef V!

Pet’s and Chef V products are a natural pairing. Both help you with your physical health, and both make you feel great at the same time. If you’re taking a break to enjoy a 3-day juice cleanse, there’s no better way to spend it than chilling out with your pet.

What’s great about Chef V is that it’s made from entirely organic, natural ingredients. This means that it’s perfectly safe to share with most pets. So if you have cats or dogs, pour them out a little bit of green drink. From our experience, they’ll love it just as much as you do - so make sure to save some of that green drink for yourself.

Of course, our green drink is always best enjoyed fresh. So make sure to order your Chef V green juice delivery today!