Why Raw Veggies Matters

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Not everyone is aware of the nutritional changes that affect vegetables when they are cooked - there’s a lot of benefits involved in keeping it raw. This blog will dig into the reasons why raw vegetables are better for you, and explain why raw and unpasteurized is the way to go for blended juice cleanses.

Why Eat Raw Vegetables?

When it comes down to the question of are raw vegetables better than cooked, there’s a lot to unpack in terms of nutrition and taste. What is very clear, however, is that when you cook vegetables, there is always something that is going to be lost in the process. Cooking vegetables, especially overcooking them, can start to rob them of nutritional value.

The major benefits of raw vegetables come down to getting the most out of those nutrients, especially the kind that are prone to break down under heat or leech into the water if you’re boiling them. The two most common vitamins that are lost in this process are Vitamin B and Vitamin C.

The Raw Vegetable Vitamins

Vitamin B is important in promoting good digestion, eyesight, energy levels, brain and nerve function, and the growth of red blood cells. Vitamin C, meanwhile, helps in the repair of all bodily tissues (like cartilage, bone, teeth, and collagen) as well as helping your body absorb iron and fight off disease.

This means that altogether, eating raw vegetables can help improve everything from your cardiovascular health to your digestion, to even the youthful appearance of your skin! It will also give you the energy you need to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Going for raw vegetables also gives you a benefit in what you’re missing out on, not just what you’re adding. A lot of recipes call the addition of a lot of fat to veggie dishes - think oil and hydrogenated butters. By cutting down on these, you’re cutting down on overall fat, and improving your overall health.
Should Everything Be Raw?
With so many benefits, you might be wondering if you can throw out all your kitchen appliances entirely. Why cook veggies at all if you can get the most out of them while raw? There are a few reasons you shouldn’t go tossing out your frying pan just yet.

Firstly, some vegetables may be better for you cooked - or at least don’t change too much nutritionally when cooked. For example, tomatoes release antioxidants when cooked, and carrots can release Vitamin A if you give them some heat, like roasted in the oven. Raw and cooked vegetables should be thought of as complementary to each other, both serving their own purposes.

That said, a lot of us aren’t getting nearly enough raw vegetables into our diet - so think about some ways that you can add them into meals as slaws or salads, or enjoy them as snacks. And, of course, raw vegetables are a key part of blended juice cleanses as well - just like in Chef V’s juice cleanses

Chef V’s Blended Juice Cleanse

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