Romantic Vegan Snacks for Valentines

A low sugar juice cleanse is a Valentine's gift that leaves you feeling great for weeks to come.

The holidays never stop with the sweet stuff, do they? We go from Halloween candy right to Thanksgiving pies. Then there are more sweets for Christmas, maybe some sugary snacks at New Year, and right when we're recovering from that, it's Valentines and chocolates everywhere. Even after Valentine's is over, there's cheap chocolate on sale everywhere, all ready for Easter.

We get it. February has Valentines, and spring is the time to be romantic. We want to bring out something sweet and special to show the ones that we love that we care.

But is it really caring to try to put your loved ones into a sugar coma?

There are plenty of fun snacks for the loving seasons that don't need to involve tons of sugar and the other gross stuff that comes with processed foods. In fact, it's entirely possible to make up sweet treats that are completely vegan. If you need ideas to get you warmed up, then read on!

Sweet Treats

Vegan Cupcakes

Let's say that you or a loved one is coming off of a low sugar juice cleanse. You're probably going to be looking for something sweet, right? Well, why not go for some vegan cupcakes? You can get plenty of recipes online.

Note that a lot of Vegan Cupcakes call for soy milk - if you're allergenic or not big on soy, you can swap in other vegan products.

Vegan Cakes

You can use the same concept for vegan cupcakes to whip up a full-on delicious vegan cake as well if you're feeling ambitious. Vegan cakes are a great chance to get your creativity on and whip up a fanciful creation for someone you care about.

Make sure to get some bright berries on there, like in this vegan cheesecake recipe!

Vegan Pie

Pie might not have the instant romantic connotations of cakes or cupcakes. However, making dessert-themed pies is relatively easy based on savory vegan chocolate or sweet berries. That's one of the best parts about making pies -you can put whatever you like into the crust.

Vegan Mousses

Did you know that you can get creamy vegan chocolate mousse through the use of avocados? It seems like a crazy combo, but it actually works amazingly. You can serve this on its own, with berries or even with other sweet dishes. These are the perfect rewards for someone (or yourself!) coming off of a low sugar juice cleanse.

Dipped Fruits

Once you get yourself down a solid recipe for vegan chocolate that you like, the sky is the limit for the cute little snacks you can make with it. Berries dipped in fruits are as romantic a snack as you can get and super easy to prep once you have your vegan chocolate down.

Romantic Meals

Fresh Salads

What's a better way to kick off a romantic spring than some fresh salads as a meal? Of course, not just any old salad will do for a romantic lunch or dinner.

The best romantic vegan salads will be those that feature some kind of sweet twist, ideally from vivid red berries to give that passionate feeling. We recommend something like our own perfectly named Love Salad.

If you and your loved ones are coming off a low sugar juice cleanse, you might be eager to try out some different. In this case, why not make it a special occasion with a more exotic salad? (We heartily recommend something like Balinese urab)


Anything French is automatically more romantic. That's just a fact. French cuisine isn't often associated with vegan options - but that's not to say it's lacking them entirely. If you want a dish that is vegan, delicious, and eyecatching, then you can't go wrong with a Ratatouille. You can find plenty of excellent vegan versions of this classic dish online!

Mushroom Steaks

For many, a romantic dinner needs a steak, full stop. Of course, unless you're going for some sort of plant-based meat steak, then there's no way that you can have a steak dinner and keep it vegan.

However, thinking outside the box can certainly help here. Mushroom steaks are a perfect vegan option, but you can do pretty much anything with them that you could with a regular steak. Grill them, barbeque them, fry them - you name it!

Vegan Eggplant Parmesan

Got a partner that's not a big fan of mushrooms? Maybe you want something that pairs with vegan pasta options well? Eggplant parm is always the perfect mix of class and comfort. It's also pretty easy to get some ideas for vegan versions online.

Vegan Pasta

A candlelit dinner with pasta is perfectly romantic. Of course, you can also make a casual lunch with something like vegan macaroni if you want to keep things chill. Going for something like a vegan fettuccine or linguine is excellent as a romantic meal with a touch of Italy. Just swap in mushrooms and cauliflower where you might have otherwise put meat.

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