Chef V's Summer Health Guide

Improve performance + Longevity

Chef V's Summer Health Guide will share practical tips to help you feel and perform the best this summer season. Workout guides, healthy meal recipes and expert insights into optimizing your health!


“I’ve reached my goal weight in June, losing a total of 245 plus pounds over the last 22 months. Chef V has helped in this as my morning drink since I started my Green Drink Plan from you. Thank you."

More About Chef V

When Veronica Wheat's veggie drink became a favorite among friends, family, and clients, she took a leap of faith and founded, a nationwide Green Drink delivery service. Her journey began at 15 in a Southern California vegetarian restaurant, where she discovered that healthy food could be delicious. In 2011, Veronica launched a meal delivery service featuring her signature Green Drink, packed with antioxidant-rich greens. What started in San Diego quickly expanded as demand grew from nearby areas and eventually nationwide, including New York and California. An avid yoga practitioner, Veronica wakes up each day inspired by customer stories of weight loss, improved health, and renewed energy, driving her passion to positively impact lives across the country.

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