Are 3-Day Cleanses Good For You? Do They Provide Enough Nutrients?

Are 3-Day Cleanses Good For You? Do They Provide Enough Nutrients? Are 3-day cleanses good for you? If you're thinking about doing a 3-day cleanse, keep in mind most of them will leave you feeling famished and irritable. That’s because most 3-day cleanses often fail to provide enough nutrition. Find out what nutrition you need for a healthy 3-day cleanse…. If you’re researching 3 day cleanses, you may have come across other blogs describing an author’s experience detoxing. Many of these first-person accounts are hilarious. They often involve how the author, by the time the 3 day cleanse was over, desperately craved a bacon cheeseburger. Or some other indulgence that negated the health benefits of the 3 day cleanse. Another common experience people go through during a 3-day cleanse is mood swings. At first, a person doing a cleanse (let’s call them “the cleansee”) can feel euphoric. That’s because the cleansee feels great for two reasons: mentally, the cleansee feels a sense of accomplishment, embarking on a positive health transformation. And physically, the cleansee feels better because he/she is consuming vitamins and minerals from fruit or vegetable juice. Perhaps for the first time in quite a while. But by the second day, usually at night, the cleansee feels lethargic and irritable. And by the end of the last day, the cleansee is overcome by cravings. The cleansee is ready to resume drinking a couple cups of coffee in the morning to get going. The cleansee is craving meat. A bloody steak or carne asada burrito is a must. Clogged colon be damned!

Are 3-day cleanses good for you? Here's the biggest problem with most of them

How can you avoid feeling miserable during and immediately after a 3 day cleanse? You’ll be spending your hard-earned cash on a 3-day cleanse. So what can you do to make sure you’re not flushing your money down the toilet? And how can you ensure that your 3 day cleanse experience will set you up for healthy eating habits? Not just in the immediate days after the 3 day cleanse … but for months and months after? It’s simple. You have to make sure you’re getting enough nutrients in your 3-day cleanse. It was mentioned earlier that a cleansee feels temporarily euphoric because of all the vitamins and minerals. Most 3 day cleanse programs call for consuming nothing but juices, either fruit or veggie, or a combo. That’s great that juices contain vitamins and minerals. But it’s not nearly enough to satisfy you. Not even for 3 days. Three days might not seem like a long time to do a cleanse. However, if you’re used to eating three meals or more a day, subsisting on nothing but juice for 3 days can seem like an eternity. That’s because most 3 day cleanses don’t contain enough protein.

Are 3-day cleanses good for you? Only if there's adequate protein!

Let’s talk briefly about your tissues. Not the ones you blow into when you have a cold, but the ones that give structure to your muscles, skin, nails and hair. When you don’t eat enough protein, your body is lacking the basic building blocks to feed your tissues. Eating enough protein is critical to fuel an efficient metabolism. If your 3 day juice fast doesn’t contain enough (or any) protein, your metabolism may actually slow down. You are basically telling your body, “Whoa! Take it easy. We’re in a starvation period so hold on to that fat around my midsection and don’t burn it until I can sink my teeth into a T-bone again.” Are you thinking, “Well, what about weight loss? Won’t I lose weight doing a 3-day cleanse?” The answer is maybe. But even if you do lose weight, you’ll most likely put it right back on. The best 3-day cleanses, like Chef V’s Organic 3 Day Cleanse contain enough protein to feed your tissues and keep you satisfied. If you have enough protein, you likely won’t give into cravings. As part of our 3 day cleanse, you’ll get a an Organic Ultra Shake. Each 16-oz serving contains 17.5 grams of vegan-friendly protein. The raw whole food shake contains certified organic sprouted brown rice protein, sprouted brown rice sweetener, quinoa sprout, millet sprout, amaranth sprout, garbanzo bean sprout, lentil sprout, sunflower seed sprout, pumpkin seed sprout, chia seed sprout, flax sprout, and stevia to sweeten things up without affecting your blood sugar. These are all superfoods that will help cleanse your digestive system. And the brown rice protein is highly bioavailable. That means you’ll have an easy time absorbing it and using the protein to … you guessed it, support your tissues.

Are 3-Day Cleanses Good For You? Not if it's all juice

And that’s not all the protein you’ll get in our 3 day cleanse. Our Organic Ultra Shake contains more protein than most 3 day cleanse programs. At least the ones we’ve come across. But we want you to succeed on your 3 day cleanse with even more protein. That’s why Chef V’s 3 day cleanse also includes a SOUPer Detox. SOUPer Detox is a nutrition packed gourmet soup. It contains local, Certified Organic sweet potato, zucchini, carrot, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, leek, onion, sea salt, curry spice, turmeric, and coconut milk. Each 16 oz serving of our delicious SOUPer Detox has 6 grams of protein. So far, that’s about 24 grams of protein. Not bad, considering many 3 day cleanses have virtually no protein. Actually, in our 3 day cleanse, you get 25 grams of protein per day. The extra gram comes from our Organic Green Drink. Our vitamin and mineral-rich Green Drink contains seven Certified Organic super greens: green kale, black kale, collard greens, dandelion greens, green chard, curly parsley and green leaf lettuce.

Are 3-Day Cleanses Good For You? Got Fiber?

Another nutrient that many 3 day cleanse programs lack is fiber. Fiber not only helps you stay regular, it helps remove cholesterol from your blood. And, perhaps the most important role fiber plays in a 3 day cleanse is this: it helps keep you full. Ever wonder why you can eat a ton of sushi and then two hours later, you’re hungry again? That’s because white rice and raw fish have almost no fiber. Same goes for simple carbs like bread, bagels, and pastries. Fiber helps expand your gut. Not in a belly-bloating way like after a big pasta dinner; it’s more of a subtle expansion that helps signal your brain you’re full well before you’re bloated. Fiber also helps feed the good bacteria in your gut. This helps your immune system stay healthy. That’s because approximately 70% of your immune cells live in your gut. Our Organic Ultra Shake contains 5 grams of fiber and the SOUPer Detox has 10 grams. That’s 25 grams of fiber. If you’re female, 25 grams of fiber is 100% of your daily intake. With our 3 day cleanse, you actually get 26 grams of fiber per day. The Organic Green Drink contains some fiber from the cold-blended veggies. Speaking of cold-blended, many 3 day juice detoxes use pasteurized and heat-processed juices. You lose some of the nutrition from the veggies, including the pulp (fiber) with this method. But our Organic Green Drinks are always cold-blended. The nutrients are so fresh, they are picked out of the ground just a day or two before you order the 3 day cleanse.

Fat’s your friend

The other major nutrient most 3 day cleanses lack is natural dietary fat. Fat also helps you feel full. Healthy fats play many other critical roles in your body’s physiology. One of those roles is to help regulate metabolism. It may seem like a head-scratcher if you’re not a nutrition nerd, but certain dietary fats help you actually burn body fat. Most 3 day juice fasts contain almost no fat. That’s one big reason by the end of day 3, you’ll crave a giant artery-clogging burrito or burger. But our Organic 3 Day Cleanse contains 4 grams of healthy dietary fat. Combined with the protein and fiber, that’s enough to keep cravings at bay and give you the highest chance to succeed doing a 3 day cleanse. Eating enough healthy protein, fiber and fat will not only provide you with a pleasant 3 day cleanse, it will set you up for future healthy eating habits. What better way to do a 3 day cleanse than get delicious organic green drinks, protein shakes and detox soups delivered to your door. And at a price you can afford. Besides the weight loss and increased energy you’ll experience, you’ll also love not having to cook and clean up! learn more about Chef V’s Organic 3 Day Cleanse