What Are The Benefits Of A Blended Juice Cleanse?

What Are The Benefits Of A Blended Juice Cleanse?
Veronica's blended juice cleanse

Everyone knows a blended juice cleanse can benefit weight loss. But that’s just the beginning. For example, did you know a blended green juice can benefit your digestion, energy levels, and brain function?

After our recent vacation, I did a 5 day Chef V cleanse (natch!). I'm feeling revitalized, and lost a couple of pounds. Read on to learn about the many benefits of my cleanse.

Veronica's blended juice cleanse

Weight Loss

As I've mentioned before, one of the main benefits of a cleanse is weight loss.

Doing a blended juice cleanse or detox for a couple of days helps clean out the digestive system. This helps kick-start your body to get into weight loss mode. You’re burning more calories than you’re ingesting.

A recent study showed that weight loss was not only possible on a juice to cleanse, but that the weight loss is maintained weeks after. The participants lost about 3lbs on average after a 3-day juice cleanse. These same participants two weeks later had maintained a 2lb weight loss.
Another main reason people lose weight after a juice cleanse is because of a lack of appetite - especially on blended juices.

The body is getting all the vitamins and minerals it needs from the blended juices - this is because all of the produce and its fibers are still in the juice when it is blended vs just juiced. To the shock of many, they find themselves being perfectly satisfied during their cleanse. Maybe not the first time around as it can feel a bit odd, but if you begin doing regular cleanses you will find it easier and easier.

While juice cleanses and detoxes can help you lose weight, the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to incorporate blended green juice into your diet combined with healthy eating and being active.

weight loss with mixed juice cleanse

Gut Bacterial Changes

Another benefit of a blended green juice cleanse is mitigating gut pain and digestion problems.

A blended vegetable juice cleanse is meant to help clean up our digestive system and improve digestive health. The study mentioned earlier concluded that cleanses increased the amounts of some health-promoting bacteria and lowered the number of bacteria that cause illness.

There are around 40 trillion bacteria in your body, most of which are in your intestines. This bacteria is called the microbiome. The more healthy bacteria the better. Different bacteria help break down different foods and aid our body in being able to absorb the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that we need.

Fruits and vegetables are the best sources of nutrients for a healthy microbiota. This is because they are high in fiber, which can’t be digested by your body. However, fiber can be digested by certain bacteria in your gut, which stimulates their growth.

digestive system

Give Your Digestive System a Rest

Our digestive systems work extremely hard all day long digesting our meals. An organic juice cleanse offers our gut a bit of a break.

Not having to exert energy to break down food offers your body all that extra strength for properly digesting and absorbing nutrients. Chef V green drinks are jam-packed with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. These nutrients will benefit your metabolism and ensure you look and feel slim.

reduce bloating

Reduce Bloating

Many of us struggle with bloating on a regular basis, especially women. This can be caused by eating too many inflammatory foods. This includes dairy, gluten, and alcohol. When doing a 3- or 5-day liquid cleanse you are detoxing your gut from these bloating triggers.

While you do lose between 1-3 pounds on a 3-day cleanse, you will feel like you’ve lost 10! This is because you’ve debloated and are now enjoying a tighter tummy.

Mental Health & Sleep Improvements

You will experience a bunch of different slight changes when you’re detoxing on an organic juice cleanse.

Mental clarity is something that you will benefit from on our cleanse. This is mostly due to there being more room in your brain! No more meal planning, shopping, or dedicating hours of your day to cooking. Your next meal is already planned to eliminate mealtime stress.

Many people who do the Chef V cleanse have also reported better sleep. Toxins, high blood sugar, and too much caffeine can disrupt natural sleep patterns and prevent you from getting a solid night’s rest. A one-day blended juice cleanse is just enough time to allow your body to remove these disruptors and focus on resting.

Even doing a one-day cleanse can put you to bed faster and you will wake up feeling detoxed, fresh, and energized. You will no longer experience a ‘crash’ from eating too many carbohydrates and can also help stabilize your sugar levels.

Is a Chef V Organic Cleanse Right for Me

Whether you want a 1-, 3-, 5-, or even 21-day cleanse, Chef V has you covered.

If you’re just starting a major weight loss journey or just want to debloat for an event, we have a cleanse plan for you. Including our signature green drink, blended vegetable soups, and protein shakes. We help people accomplish all different types of goals.

Sign up for Chef V’s plan and get started today! Or email any questions you may have to chefv@chefv.com

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