What to Eat After a Juice Cleanse

Is Your fridge ready for when you finish your 21 day cleanse?

What to Eat After a 21 Day Juice Cleanse

You did it! You finished that juice cleanse. Whether a 3 day detox or an impressive 21 day cleanse, you should be rightfully proud of your accomplishments. After a 21 day juice fast, you're surely going to be eager to get back to a regular meal schedule. Before you put down that green drink and pick up a burger, you might want to consider planning out your post-juice cleanse meals. We'll provide a guide here.

General Guide to Eating After a Juice Cleanse

You are going to want to go big after a juice cleanse. We get it. However, you want to make the most out of your 21 day cleanse. This means that you will have to be thoughtful and strategic as you come out of your juice cleanse. Your digestive system is going to be used to taking in a lot of green drinks, detox soups, and detox smoothies. This means that it's not the best idea to leap right into big heavy meals. Here are some things consider during your meal planning in the days post-cleanse.

Be Mindful of Eating: You can easily make yourself sick by binge eating or eating too quickly after a long 21 day juice cleanse. Eat slowly and steadily as well as paying attention to your hunger levels. The simplest and best idea is to start with small meals and reduced portion sizes. This keeps your digestive system happy by gently reintroducing foods into your diet again and prevents suddenly regaining your lost weight.

Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine: Cut back on alcoholic drinks and caffeinated beverages for the moment. Your digestive system isn't going to be quite ready for them yet. If you’re out with friends, try a fun mocktail made with club soda and fruit juice (in moderation of course - they can be packed with sugar!). There are also a great array of decaf teas and coffee’s you can try instead of your morning cup of joe.

Keep Sugar Intake Low: Your 21 day cleanse should have done a good job at helping you beat your sugar cravings. Lean into this. Try to go for foods that are low in sugar, and don't give in and binge on the sweet stuff. If you really feel yourself about to cave, try drinking some water. Most times, we are just thirsty and we get our bodily cues mixed up. Or reach for a piece of fruit!

Eat Whole Foods: Eating whole foods will give you more of the nutrients you need, without adding in anything that could be damaging to your health. This includes unprocessed and fresh produce. Whole grains, seasonal vegetables, fish, meats, meat alternatives, legumes and beans are just a few really great options to start with.

Drink Plenty of Water: This one is huge. Drinking water will keep your health and let you better manage your appetite.

Ideas for Post 21 Day Cleanse Meals

All those tips are well and good. But what should you actually be eating within those rules? It's a good idea to develop a meal plan with some healthy options. You can use the meal plan format to slowly increase your meals' size after your 12 day cleanse. Take these ideas to get you started.

* Soups: Soups are known for being easy on the digestive system. They can also be super healthy! Ingredients like pumpkins, squashes, and leafy greens are good places to start.

* Salads: After plenty of green drinks, salads are a natural way to return to a regular diet after a 21 day cleanse. You want to make sure to prioritize salads that feature plenty of leafy greens.

* Fruit Dishes: If you're looking for snacks after your 21 day cleanse, fruit is the way to go. This is a safe way to satisfy your sweet tooth without overloading with sugar. Fruit salads and fruit parfaits with yogurt are the way to go here.

* Healthy Fats: Once you've started to move back to regular eating with salads and soups, you'll want to start upping your intake of more substantial foods. Try to keep it to healthy fats - dishes with avocados and nuts will be winners here.

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