4 Ideas for Sweet (and Healthy) Halloween Treats

Bright orange pumpkins that are ripe for Halloween
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Halloween is filled with all kinds of spooks and terrors. It’s great to eat a few sweet treats on Halloween, but the idea of stocking your shelf with processed store-bought candy - and eating it all! - has a certain terror to it.

Today we’ll go over some ideas for making healthy vegan sweets, as well as a warning on the dangers of overdoing the sugar this season.

The Scary Side of Sugar

Anyone who has had to deal with children on Halloween knows all about the hyperactivity and stomach aches that come with overdosing on sugar. As adults, we like to imagine that we pace ourselves better - but this can often just mean that our sugar overloads silently stalk us like Michael Myers before they strike with a host of nasty side effects.

The side effects of too much sugar can throw your entire healthy routine out of whack. If you’re trying to lose weight throughout the fall, your plans can be gutted by just one careless Halloween week.

This is because too much sugary food can, counterintuitively, make you feel even hungry. Mass-produced Halloween candy is like a “food-specter” - it doesn’t really have a lot of the fiber or protein we need to properly feel full. This means you’ll be putting on sugar pounds, while still feeling the need to binge.

Beyond the phantom threat of weight gain, too much sugar can also lead to fatigue, high blood pressure, bad skin, and general irritability. None of these are things you want to deal with when planning for Halloween fun.

So if you’re throwing a devilish party this weekend, it’s time you considered ditching the cheap candy. The following are some great ideas for healthy Halloween treats to get your creative (green) juices flowing!

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#1 Pick Pumpkins

Pumpkins are synonymous with Halloween - but they don’t need to be synonymous with sugar-filled pumpkin pies. Why not try a recipe for vegan pumpkin cookies instead? There are plenty of ways to make sweet pumpkin treats that are low in sugar and fat.

#2 Astonish with Apples

Bobbing for apples is an old-timey Halloween tradition. Apples are also deliciously sweet. So why aren’t we swapping out more candy for apple-based snacks? Apple slices are also a great way to get creative with fun Halloween treats. Or why not a new twist on an old favorite?

#3 Boo! Bananas

While not perhaps a traditional Halloween fruit, people are starting to notice that you can easily transform bananas into spooky ghost-themed frozen treats. Here’s just one example of how to make some of these deliciously spooky treats yourself.

#4 Get Classic With Candy Corn

Are banana ghosts a little too non-traditional for you? Are you really old school when it comes to Halloween? If you just can’t beat your candy corn cravings, why not at least go for a vegan, homemade option?

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