Getting Started with Yoga While Cleansing

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Getting Started With Yoga While Cleansing

For many, a juice cleanse is part of a wider move towards improving health. Lots of our clients are interested in other ways to improve their body’s health - and beat stress. Yoga is especially important as a way to do some low impact, high reward workouts while on a juice cleanse. If you aren’t already a guru - don’t worry. This blog will give some beginners tips on how to get into yoga, to get some safe exercise while cleansing.

Should You Work Out on a Juice Cleanse?

It’s common knowledge to many that it isn’t recommended to workout too strenuously while on a juice cleanse. After all, if you aren’t consuming as many calories so you shouldn’t need to be burning as many. From being in a natural calorie deficit you’ll be losing weight naturally.

However, it can be beneficial to exercise lightly during a juice cleanse. Firstly, this will help you gently move into and out of a juice cleanse, rather than upsetting your entire workout routine. Secondly, light exercise can help increase weight loss, increase blood flow, keep you flexible and limber, and make you feel good during your blended juice cleanse.

Of course, the emphasis here is on light exercise. You don’t want to overdo it when your digestive system is going through a cleanse. This is why cleansing and yoga go together so well - yoga is a great way to stay limber and flexible, get some exercise, and feel great while cleansing. But how do you get into yoga if you’re a total newbie?

Getting Started With Yoga

The best way to get into yoga is, of course, to ask for help! If there is a yoga studio or somewhere else to take yoga classes nearby, go find the yoga instructor and ask them to give you the down-low.

You’ll also want to make sure that you have all of the things you need for beginner yoga. First and foremost, you need some comfortable clothes that you can be flexible in. Secondly, you’ll want a yoga mat - though a yoga studio should be able to provide this for you.

While yoga is easily accessible for everyone, you should never push yourself to do anything that is uncomfortable or painful. This sort of self-care is extra important while you are undergoing a juice cleanse. Relax, focus on your breathing and have fun!

Types of Yoga to Avoid

If you find a good yoga instructor to help you out, they should be able to walk you through the best starting positions and kinds of yoga. Generally, you want to be trying regular “hatha yoga” - the kind of yoga that is most often practiced in the west. Vinyasa yoga and flow yoga are also relatively low impact types.

However, you should do your best to avoid Ashtanga yoga, Bikram yoga, and “hot” yoga while you are on a juice cleanse. These types tend to demand yoga poses that require greater strength and endurance and may not be the best idea to tackle while on a juice cleanse.

Double Your Detox

Now that we’ve discussed the general types of yoga, did you know that there are certain kinds of yoga poses that can actually boost detoxification of the body? You can use these to get exercise while on your juice cleanse and increase the rate of detox in your body!

The Cat/Cow pose and Standing Forward Bend are particularly noted for health benefits relating to the digestive system. Both of these let you gently stretch your abdominal organs, letting you relax your body. Nothing goes together quite like relaxing yoga, and delicious juice made from fruits and vegetables.

Still uncertain about your cleansing routine? Why not start small? At Chef V we offer flexible packages for cleanses of a variety of lengths. From 1, to 3 to 5 day cleanses, up to our legendary 21-day detox, we have a blended juice cleanse for everyone.