Chef Duffy interview with Veronica Wheat, Chef V

Chef Duffy interview with Veronica Wheat, Chef V Chef Brian Duffy is a celebrity chef most recognized from his abundant television appearances on the wildly popular Spike TV series Bar Rescue, where he tours the country (sometimes on his Harley Davidson) reforming failing bars and restaurants with his “tell it like it is” style. He recently interviewed Chef V founder and nutrition and health expert Veronica Wheat on his radio show/podcast, Duffified Live”. Duffy asked Veronica for advice before starting his second Chef V Cleanse and detox. It’s a new year so Chef Duffy is getting ready to “clean out that body!” In this interview, Veronica helps Duffy understand what cleansing is really about (not just weight loss) and sets him straight on how to prepare for and stay healthy after a cleanse. You can listen to the entire interview by clicking the arrow above, or read an excerpt below. Jmx0O2RpdiBzdHlsZT0mcXVvdDtwYWRkaW5nOjVweDsgY29sb3I6I2ZmZmZmZjsmcXVvdDsmZ3Q7LiZsdDsvZGl2Jmd0Ow== CHEF DUFFY: “I’m going to start the cleanse tomorrow, and wanted to do a radio show about it. I’m a fan of goals not resolutions. My goal for this year is to be healthier. It is hard because of the crazy travel schedule that I have — hey I’m a chef, I’m a short fat guy, I have a lot of fun with that. And oddly enough I eat clean unless I am on the road, then there’s a lot of drinking, a lot happening in and out of bars. I’m a big fan of cleansing. So what is a cleanse, Veronica? CHEF V: I have a background in nutritional therapy. Cleansing is not just weight loss, that’s a benefit of cleansing but the purpose of a cleanse is to prolong the cleansing that happens when we are sleeping and not digesting food. When you do the liquid cleanse I’ve developed, your digestive tract doesn’t have to work as hard to break all that food down, it can get right to getting rid of toxins, getting rid of stored fat, other things you’ve been holding on to. I have heard so many stories where people have been on autoimmune medicines or have just no energy or bad skin and they cleanse and great things happen. I am not saying that my products have those results, but I’ve heard so many positive stories from my customers about what they have experienced when they detoxed with a cleanse and healthy eating. CHEF DUFFY: The last time I did your detox, I got super energetic during the cleanse. You have great soups, really cool shakes – and the cinnamon shake is really awesome. Shake’em up and suck’em back and they’re cool. I didn’t eat all the soup because I was full at the end of the day. That really surprised me. For me I try to see the end result – it wasn’t about losing weight for me it was about cleaning things out, I wanted to feel better. We feel like shit after Thanksgiving and the holidays. To be able to clean everything out after is kind of nice. One of the things that was great is that there was an email that came from Chef V at day 3 to see how everything was doing. I appreciated the support and you checking in on me. So what about detoxing? There’s a detoxification process, right? There’s only so much stuff I can eat today because I’m starting the cleanse tomorrow – I’ve got to be very aware if what I’m doing so my body doesn’t go into shock when I start the detox. What is the detox process and why do I have to prepare for it? CHEF V: When I first started my business people would come by the kitchen and grab their cleanse –and tell me they were heading to the drivethrough for their last unhealthy meal before they started their detox the next day. And I’d say “No – you can’t do it that way!” You can’t go out drinking and have burgers and fries and just jump into a cleanse. One, its not going to work as effectively, and two, you’re going to feel like crap. Cleansing is like peeling layers – just like if you ate a big huge burger right before you went to bed your body wouldn’t cleanse as effectively as if you stopped earlier. I really try to set people up for success, so I really make sure people pre-cleanse – take 2-3 days before or even 3-5 days before if you have a bad sugar or food addiction. There are five major bad things to avoid during your pre-cleanse: no red meat or pork, no dairy, no alcohol, no caffeine, no gluten. And of those the hardest is caffeine withdrawal. People I talk to who have headaches, are dizzy or nauseous wean themselves off of caffeine a few days to get the very best benefit from the cleanse. By cutting those things out ahead of time you are setting yourself up for success. Jmx0O2RpdiBzdHlsZT0mcXVvdDtwYWRkaW5nOjVweDsgY29sb3I6I2ZmZmZmZjsmcXVvdDsmZ3Q7LiZsdDsvZGl2Jmd0Ow==

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