Chef V's West Caldwell Store Grand Opening

Chef V's West Caldwell Store Grand Opening
Chef V West Caldwell store opening

FYI: Chef V opens in West Caldwell, specializing in green blends
Excerpt from, September 2018

It's impossible to miss Chef V when you drive into the Essex Mall shopping center in West Caldwell. The shop glistens green, thanks to a shimmery photo-ready wall that peeks through the storefront's windows. The sign above shows off a green leaf that looks conspicuously like a woman's smile.

And certainly, Veronica Wheat, the owner of Chef V, has a lot to smile about these days, having opened her shop in mid-September after a soft open period in August. Chef V, named after her professional nickname, specializes in green juices, smoothies, bowls and cleanses.

Veronica in West Caldwell store

"We don't waste anything here," Wheat says, referring to the fact that she uses the entire vegetable, instead of tossing the remains once the food has been juiced.

Wheat’s standard Green Drink is made of organic black and green kale, collard greens, green leaf lettuce, curly parsley, dandelion greens, green chard, apple for sweetness and water -- that's it. The Tropical Green Drink employs the same ingredients but, instead of apple for sweetness, mango and pineapple are added.

Also available seasonally at the Chef V store are acai and pitaya bowls and smoothies like the Beetox with whole beet, kale, lemon, apple, carrot, cucumber, celery, ginger, turmeric, garlic and jalapeno; and the Strawberry Nana with strawberry, banana, blueberry, kale, house-made almond milk and chocolate or vanilla protein .