People are Talking.. About Chef V Cleanses and Green Drink

People are Talking.. About Chef V Cleanses and Green Drink

People are talking about Chef V!

We love testimonials at Chef V! Because it works! We get thousands of emails a year telling us how successful our cleanse was and/or how someone’s life has been changed by realizing how easy it is to be healthy. Get 50% off on a cleanse.

If you aren't into cleansing, do as I do and just have a Chef V Green Drink everyday for breakfast. It’s life changing. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but yet no one has anything healthy for breakfast. Try Chef V first thing in the am and see how different your life is!

At my Women's Wellness Retreat in Carlsbad, CA, new and long established Green Drink customers (in the photo above) took a break from the day's activities to talk about how Green Drink makes living healthier easier - my motto!

People are saying...

Shawna F - "Excellent customer service. Great product! I did the 5 day and it came with everything I needed and clear instructions."

Becky S,: "The juice taste so good and it makes me feel so good too!"

Claudia P. "Great customer service! Chef V followed up with me before picking up my order and they rearranged pick up date to accommodate my needs. Definitely would do 3 day Brunch again, and of course I recommend for anyone looking for a cleanse and get a kick start to their weight loss!"

Hannah: "Response from customer service was prompt, helpful, friendly, and straight to the point. Food was delicious especially the soups and the tropical green drink. I was afraid that it would be harsh and make me go to the bathroom constantly, but none of that occurred. I felt lighter and had more energy. My second concern was I would be hungry. Surprisingly I was full and satisfied throughout."

- Thanks for the kind words! ' Veronica Wheat, Chef V