Chef V Rescues Food Blogger From Her Glamorous, Gluttonous Lifestyle

Chef V Rescues Food Blogger From Her Glamorous, Gluttonous Lifestyle Cassandra Yeh is a rising star in the food blogging world. Already an Elite Yelp Reviewer, she is quickly becoming an influential Instagram foodie. But with all the food-tasting party invites, her health suffered. And now, for the second time, a Chef V cleanse comes to the rescue.... Cassandra uses both my 3 Day Cleanse and 21 Day Detox Challenge to keep trim and healthy. And she gives my Chef V's Green Drink and Cleanses 5-star reviews! - Veronica An “Elite Yelp Reviewer,” Cassandra has reviewed nearly 1400 restaurants and businesses. One of her reviews is 5-star for Chef V. Cassandra tried both my 3 Day Cleanse and 21 Day Detox Challenge. Her reasons for doing both? Blame it on all those Yelp reviews…. I’m not talking about all the time she spends on her laptop writing reviews. True, sitting for long periods of time is like the new smoking - bad for you and hard to avoid.

The Steep Health Price of Being An Elite Yelp Reviewer

But I’m referring to all those glamorous, exclusive parties Cassandra is invited to. “Being an Elite Yelp reviewer, I’m in my car a lot and constantly eating out. And when you eat out, it’s hard to control your portion sizes…. “So I’m frequently overeating. Which wouldn’t be bad if I was overdosing on green veggies. But it’s more often than not salty, sugary meals,” says Cassandra.
Cassandra started writing Yelp reviews in 2013. In 2016, she came across Chef V via Groupon. She decided to try a Chef V Cleanse. “I decided to give Chef V a try for a few reasons,” she says. “First, because I barely ever cook and I’m constantly eating out, I wasn’t feeling good. My energy was low and my skin was in poor condition because of all the processed food. My body was sending me signals that it needed like an oil change and tune up.”

Chef V Tastes Good and is Easy to Do! Unlike Expensive Alternatives.

Cassandra’s first experience with cleansing didn’t go so well. Not with Chef V, but a different program.

“I went to this detox institute in San Diego. It was expensive, took a lot of time, and was too far away. Plus, the food was disgusting.”

Cassandra continues, “But when I came across Chef V’s 3 Day Cleanse, I said to myself, ‘I can do this at my home on my own time. I loved the fact that everything is organic and natural and tasty.”

Concluding that doing the 3 Day Cleanse was easy, Cassandra shortly after decided to keep the healthy momentum going by doing the 21 Day Detox.

The results? She says on her Yelp review, “I don't like to weigh myself. But I know I am losing weight because the clothes fits better than before and also I got compliment from my family & friends. Now I have more energy, I sleep better and I feel great!!”


Momentum Lost

Screeech. (Record stops playing.)

But now it’s 2018, two years after Cassandra finished the 21 Day Detox.

She’s invited to more grand openings and glitzy parties than ever.

The weight is back on.

The excess sodium and carbs have bloated Cassandra back to her pre-2016 cleanse shape.

And here’s where the story gets a little more interesting.

From time to time, I go through our Yelp reviews. Out of the hundreds of reviews (99% of them 5 star, I’m proud to say), somehow, I instantly stumbled upon Cassandra’s review.

It’s been a while since I shared a customer success story. So I reached out to Cassandra.

Cassandra swears that at the same time she saw my email, she was thinking about Chef V.

“There’s this really swanky Champagne and sparkling wine event in Beverly Hills I’m invited to coming up real soon. I need to lose a few pounds to squeeze into this new cocktail dress. So that’s why I was thinking of doing a Chef V cleanse again. It’s perfect timing!”

Call it kizmet or karma. Or just coincidence. But I’m glad I got the pleasure to talk to Cassandra.


Influential Instagram Foodie

Since only January of this year, she has amassed over 5,600 followers on her Instagram. (I love her handle: @iLoveFoodComa)

That’s amazing that in barely four months, she’s grown such a large following.

I’m grateful that Cassandra thought about my cleanse to get back in shape.

“When you don’t eat a healthy, balanced diet like me, the Green Drink at least helps me get the good nutrition … I’m going to now make it part of my daily routine … I’m definitely not going to go another two years without it!”

Read Cassandra's Complete Chef V Yelp Review:

Jmx0O2RpdiBzdHlsZT0mcXVvdDtwYWRkaW5nOjFweDsgY29sb3I6I2ZmZmZmZjsmcXVvdDsmZ3Q7LiZsdDsvZGl2Jmd0Ow== Initially I found Chef V on Groupon then went to their website for more product options. For first time customer, they offer 50% off. What a great deal!! Therefore, I signed up for their 21 Days Challenge with one 3-day Cleanse. The Delivery: Once a week, they delivered fresh green juice to my door. Since there is no preservative, the green juice is only good for one week. They don't really "juice" the vegetable but they "blend" the vegetable; therefore, it is more nutritious. Please shake it before you drink it~ lots of good stuff in this green juice!! One of the great service they provide is after they delivered the product to my door, they would text me with a picture where they put it. Then an email to my inbox and let me know the product has arrived. I love this~ because I didn't have to keep checking my door step if it had been delivered. Very thoughtful idea~ When they deliver, they put all the product in a thermal reusable tote bag instead of box. Love those thermal tote bag, perfect for picnic day! The Product: Every morning, start with detox tea, 16oz green juice, 16oz protein shake and lots of water! With all these liquid in my body system, I didn't feel hungry physically. Detox Tea - Drink the teat first thing in the morning with empty stomach. This definitely helps to clean out the toxic. Green Juice - Mostly vegetables, only have apple for the sweet taste. Since not too much fruits, way less sugar in the juice. Protein Shake - They package in daily portion in small packet. They also include a shaker bottle. How convenience!! All I need to do is add water~ super simple!! Detox Soup - Love love love the sweet potato base soup, very creamy. They put ginger in there because that is the first spice I could taste right away. The Result: The reason I wanted to do this 21 days Challenge was to detox, remove the toxic inside my body. My energy was low and my skin was in poor condition. I just wanted to do a "tune up" for my body. During these 21 days, I learn what are the "right" food to eat and I establish good habit (e.g. drinking lots of water through out the day). They also include a brochure about the daily schedule (when to eat & what to eat). In addition, they tell you what to eat on different food groups. I just bring the brochure with me when I go grocery shopping, that is my shopping list! I don't like to weigh myself. But I know I am losing weight because the clothes fits better than before and also I got compliment from my family & friends. Now I have more energy, I sleep better and I feel great!! The BIGGEST challenge during these 21 days was.... the temptation when I was eating out with family & friends. I will suggest when you are doing the 3-day Cleansing Days, don't schedule any outing that will avoid the temptation and craving.