Nikki's Chef V Cleanse Success

Meet Nikki of Nikki Nurtures

I am delighted to introduce Chef V customer Nikki Aguilar. Nikki is a true renaissance woman with far reaching interests. She’s a self-described “former fatty turned fitty, California hippie with jersey girl roots, cupcake lover, former college cheerleader, rocker chick, hiker, beach bum, pole dancer, and avid writer”. During the day, she works as a producer of movie trailers, navigating life’s ups and down so successfully that she started her blog to document the advice she finds herself giving friends and colleagues.

Nikki recently challenged herself to a Chef V 5 Day Cleanse. Here's how she describes her decision:

“A hardcore reset! 'I’m going to do a juice cleanse'! It’ll help with inflammation, kickstart my metabolism again, and help me stop craving sugar. This sounds fucking amazing! Yessss, let’s do it! Detoxify meeeeee!!! I ordered a 5 Day Cleanse from Chef V. I chose this one because other than 4 16oz juices a day, it included 2 protein shakes and a soup per day as well. A little more sustenance than your traditional juice cleanse, so I was sold… fuck. my. life."

Nikki sums up her philosophy of health and wellbeing: "Health doesn’t mean sucking kale through a straw and suffering through 2-hour workouts each day. Your optimal health is achieved from small changes in nutrition, movement, and self-love. The worst things to do are deprive yourself, overwork yourself, and hate yourself. " To that end she helps people eat healthy and exercise while nurturing themselves. and loving their bodies.

Her before and after photo shows the results - she looks great!

Chef V Juice Cleanse: Mixed Feelings

Nikki recently posted an article on her experience with cleansing using a 5 day Chef V Cleanse. Titled "Conclusion: Juice Cleanses are for People Who Hate Themselves & Like to Suffer for their Food Sins" she has a distinctly mixed feeling about the experience. In summary, results: Yes! The path: not so wonderful.

For someone whose blog's About page features the phrase "life is too short to pass up a cupcake", Nikki took on a real challenge, my Five Day Cleanse. I love her perseverance and the candid opinions in her blog posts.

In summary, Nikki says: "While the cleanse was un-fucking-pleasant to say the least, I did notice quite a few perks and positives. I was less bloated. I had more energy. I wasn’t craving sugar. I was sleeping better. My skin was clearer and my hair didn’t feel as dry. I also knew what it was like to be uber hydrated. So, yes, while I didn’t follow all the directions to a T, I reaped the benefits. All of Chef V’s juice, protein shakes, and soups tasted amazing though. I don’t want to discredit her products because they were honestly great… but I did find out that I’m not LA enough to ever do a juice cleanse again. I’d rather be raw vegan than ever drink that much liquid again. 5 days of an angry body is just too much for this girl."

I say Go girl! You look great and I am here for you when you try your next Cleanse! - Here's to your health - Chef V, Veronica Wheat